Among the Covidians in Burlington, Vermont

Some photos from a recent trip to downtown Burlington, Vermont…

The front door of a state government building:

Inside a bookstore, a follower of CNN:

COVID-19 is dangerous enough that one should wear a mask, but not so dangerous that one should shop for books on Amazon?

We are informed that marijuana can cure almost any illness, yet below is a marijuana shopper who feels the need to protect him/her/zir/theirself via a mask (Fauci-approved cloth version). If he/she/ze/they is about to inhale healing cannabis, why does he/she/ze/they need to worry about a minor bug such as SARS-CoV-2? Note also the trans-enhanced rainbow flag on the front door.

Speaking of rainbow flags, nearly every merchant had one, but only some featured Black Lives Matters or Trans People Belong signs.

Note the tattoos behind the Sign of Justice:

The University of Vermont featured both indoor and outdoor maskers of the young/healthy/slender variety, but unfortunately I was too slow to get good photos. Even more upsetting: the “intentional intersectional space” was closed.

Shout-out to Heritage Aviation at KBTV for the usual awesome service. Also to U.S. Customs at Burlington for hassle-free clearance inbound from the Land of Blackface and Political Unity.

6 thoughts on “Among the Covidians in Burlington, Vermont

  1. Why do these people appropriate set theory using vague, smart sounding terms?

    What if a person is in the intersection of the set of literal fascists and the set of 2SLGBTQQIA+ practitioners (history has many examples)? Would he/she/ze/they qualify for the “intersectional space”?

  2. Ben and Jerry’s in Burlington features both a “we must dismantle White Supremacy” sign (in a shop named after two old white multi-millionaires in a 95.1% white state) and “No Public Restrooms” because of regular overdoses happening – one is directed to City Hall to use the restroom and/or overdose without disturbing ice cream servers or eaters. I’m not a customer anyway due to some of their earlier positions but this reinforced my stand.

  3. No photos of all the Burlington graffiti Phil?

    You get to destroy other people’s property without consequences when the prosecutor is named Sarah George and doesn’t believe crime is a thing.

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