CNN found 50X more white gunmen than Black gunmen

Following this weekend’s unfortunate events in Jacksonville, Florida, a gun-loving friend sent me a CNN article and remarked on the phrase “white gunman” occurring within the first three words.

I used the Google to find the precise phrase “white gunman” on

158 results. Compare to “Black gunman”:

(Black Lives Matter, but Black capitalization does not; Google shows the same 3 results for “black gunman”.)

In other words, the reader of CNN would infer that there are 50 white gunmen in the U.S. for every Black gunman.

4 thoughts on “CNN found 50X more white gunmen than Black gunmen

  1. It could be that it’s somehow more newsworthy when a gunman is white. Maybe it’s more rare or somehow more of a problem.

    • Or it could be that the people who publish this stuff don’t want the public to reflect on the fact black males committing violent crime, typically against other black males, make up a disproportionate amount of the crime statistics in the US. Whites are about 60% of the population and blacks around 12.5% yet blacks (including Blacks) punch way above their weight in the crime statistics. Asians, sadly, are underrepresented in the violent crime statistics. See

  2. Same in Europe. Mainstream only reports the skin color if the perpetrator is White (CNN now capitalizes “White”!). For accurate reporting on these issues I read Israeli newspapers.

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