New York Times now says it is all of Florida’s coastal waters that hit 101 degrees

“What’s Next for Hurricane Season” (NYT, today):

… the heightened ocean water temperatures that grabbed headlines this summer for bleaching coral and turning Florida’s coastal waters into something akin to a hot tub. Scientists believe that climate change has contributed to the warming oceans. The abnormally hot water temperatures provide more energy to fuel hurricanes…

Loyal readers may recall Being boiled alive in the 101-degree ocean (according to NYT) in which the New York Times said that one buoy “in the Ocean Off Florida” hit 101 (it turned out to be a buoy in a 1-6′-deep puddle inside Florida, cut off from the actual ocean by the Florida Keys). Here’s the headline, complete with photo of the open ocean where the 101-degree temperature wasn’t measured:

In August, it was “a [single] high reading”. One month later, the “hot tub” temperatures have spread to most or all of the “coastal waters” surrounding Florida.

What does say?

Water temp at the most familiar Florida beach is between -1 and +1 degree of the recent historical average. A typical hot tub is at 102 degrees. The current Miami Beach water temp of 86 is about where a recreational swimming pool would be set to. Over the past 7 years, it seems that the high temp for July, August, and September has been 89. In other words, what the New York Times calls “abnormally hot temperatures” are in the middle of the recent historical range.

What have elite New Yorkers been doing recently to address the climate change that they decry? Getting into fossil fuel-powered vehicles and going to see Bruce Springsteen perform in New Jersey. Instead of spending $2000+ on decarbonizing our economy, they’re listening to a geriatric fellow Democrat sing songs that they could stream for free. (Separately, these are the same folks who say that schools should be closed and the peasantry locked down any time that a respiratory virus threatens Gotham, yet they’re gathering in a crowd of 50,000+ to spread vaccine-resistant SARS-CoV-2 variants?)

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  1. Philip, as an avid non-reader of NYT I am missing out on your NYT articles’ comments which you used to copy here sometimes. Did you comment on NYT article that you are citing here?
    If yes, what did you say?
    And how do you know that the article is not generated by low-paid NYT staff (NYT used to be known for its stinginess) using Chat GPT? NYT can not afford people who can handle Chat GPT? Going forward, are we going to discuss all randomly generated staff labeled NYT?

    • perplexed: So that NYT readers are not tempted by error, the wise editors disabled reader comments on “What’s Next for Hurricane Season”. The author of the article: “Judson Jones has nearly two decades’ worth of experience covering the world’s most significant natural disasters and Earth’s changing climate, at CNN and now at The New York Times. He spent seven years as the digital meteorologist on the CNN weather team. Before that, he was a CNN freelance weather producer for over eight years. … He was part of the CNN team nominated for an Emmy for coverage of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season and also helped to create CNN’s weekly weather newsletter.”

      Why would you want to hear from a reader who might erroneously claim that ocean temps surrounding South Florida are 15 degrees cooler than a hot tub when you could instead hear the truth from an Emmy-award winning scientist?

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