The sanctuary is full

“New York City Moves to Suspend Right-to-Shelter Mandate” (NYT, today):

Mayor Eric Adams is seeking to suspend New York City’s longstanding obligation to provide shelter to anyone who asks for it, as officials struggle to find housing for thousands of migrants arriving from the southern border.

On Tuesday night, Mr. Adams asked a judge to allow the city to put aside its legal obligation to provide shelter to single adults, arguing in court that the city should be able to temporarily lift the mandate during an emergency.

“With more than 122,700 asylum seekers having come through our intake system since the spring of 2022, and projected costs of over $12 billion for three years, it is abundantly clear that the status quo cannot continue,” Mr. Adams said in a statement.

In a letter to Erika Edwards, a New York Supreme Court justice, the city’s lawyers asked for the 1981 consent decree that requires the city to provide shelter to be temporarily suspended. They also asked for the rules to be suspended whenever the governor or mayor declares a state of emergency and there is an influx of people seeking shelter.

Poor native-born New Yorkers, in other words, would lose their right to shelter because elite New Yorkers offered sanctuary to migrants and then migrants accepted the offer. Also, why is the requested suspension “temporary”? Venezuela is not going to run out of people who want to come to the U.S., right? (see When will there be more Venezuelans in the U.S. than in Venezuela?)

I still can’t figure out why NYC is having trouble parking newcomers. “NYC lost 5.3% of its population — nearly a half-million people — since COVID, with most heading South” (New York Post, May 2023).

More from the New York City elites, quoted in the above-cited NYT article:

A top aide to Mr. Adams, Ingrid Lewis-Martin, recently called on the federal government to “close the borders.” Mr. Adams sought to distance himself from those comments on Tuesday, reiterating his position that the border should not be closed, but that migrants should be sent to other cities.

Separately, a neighbor provides sanctuary for those who identify as witches…

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  1. Phil, please…you seem to be driving a wedge between “native-born” New Yorkers and “migrants.” They are all American citizens, no?

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  2. When this is over, sending migrants to New York will prove to be one of the best all-time political moves.

    And Adams helped make it even more disastrous by not being able to see even one step ahead.

    – First he welcomed the migrants, saying they had space for everyone who wanted it.

    – Then he let the number of migrants hit an uncomfortable number before telling them not to come. So he both “destroyed” (his word) the city and received the shame of revealing his position was wrong.

    – Now he’s doing the perfectly reasonable/predictable thing, and asking the judge “maybe we don’t offer unlimited free housing to third world workers in the most expensive city in the country?

    – While still saying “We want them to come, but just not come here”

    Other blue cities will soon realize they shouldn’t do what NY is no longer to do.

    Eric Adams should have seen every step of this earlier. There’s basically no limit to the number of migrants who want to live somewhere better, and he should have realized he was beaten on day 1.

    Maybe Biden will learn something similar. (Isn’t Kamala leading this?)

    • “Eric Adams should have seen every step of this earlier.”

      Ewic Adams doesn’t seem vewy bwight. The trouble is that voters are even dumber. They won’t follow the chain of events of the last 10, 20, or 40 years; there will be no accountability for any of the stupidity, any of the lies, or any of the destruction: they’ll just continue to vote D, vote destruction, while preening about how “Trump voters are dumb.”

      (not to say that Mr. Trump’s personality and behavior don’t leave a lot to be desired, but “America First” should be table stakes, not a unicorn, in American politics.

    • David: “the border should not be closed, but that migrants should be sent to other cities,” is Eric Adams’s most confusing statement. NYC prides itself on being the richest city. If they believe that other cities are poorer, why do they think that other cities can afford to do what they can’t? The cost of an apartment in Detroit is lower than the cost of an apartment in NYC, of course, but that’s only because Detroit is not as rich as NYC. Relative to total wealth, housing in NYC is probably cheaper than in any other American city.

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