International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (and a poll result)

It’s the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, established by the United Nations. The most recent scientific poll of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza was conducted by Arab World for Research and Development (AWRAD), a West Bank-based organization. The English-language version of the tables of results disappeared from the AWRAD web site, but I managed to find an archive copy and am making it available from this server.

If we’re going to have solidarity with the Palestinians, we might want to look at what they want and how they’re feeling. Western media tends to portray the Palestinians as helpless victims. They lack agency, know that they’re defeated, are cowering in fear, and feel “humiliated”. Example from the New York Times:

The Palestinians interviewed just as bombs were falling and artillery shells were exploding, however, tell a different story. First, 73 percent expect to win the current round of battles (or maybe the entire war that Arabs declared in 1948):

What’s the long-term goal? “A Palestinian state from the river to the sea” (say 75 percent):

They are overwhelmingly supportive of what the pollsters refer to as “the military operation” of October 7 (let’s put aside whether raping, maiming, killing, and kidnapping civilian women and children is “military”) as progress toward the above goal of river-to-the-sea liberation:

How are the current leaders of Gaza government and society viewed? The Islamic Resistance Movement (“Hamas”) and Palestinian Islamic Jihad have 75-85% positive ratings among Palestinian civilians:

What do the United Nations folks who created this day of solidarity offer? Here’s a tweet from the top executive:

His way of expressing solidarity with Palestinians is to propose a two-state solution when that is supported by only 17 percent (see above) of the Palestinians (75 percent want river-to-the-sea).

Where can Palestinians who want true solidarity turn, then? California, of course! “Anti-Israel protesters defend Hamas as Oakland city council meeting descends into chaos over cease-fire resolution” (New York Post):

The city council in Oakland, California, unanimously passed a resolution Monday calling for a permanent cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war — while spurning language that would have condemned the terrorist group for the Oct. 7 massacre following an uproar from anti-Israel protesters.

Councilman Dan Kalb’s amendment spotlighting Hamas’ role in the slaughter of an estimated 1,200 people across southern Israel was rejected 6-2.

The proposal was met by boos from demonstrators, who condemned the language as “anti-Arab” — with some going as far as to spread conspiracy theories that the Israel Defense Forces had slaughtered Jews to justify an invasion of Gaza.

“There have not been beheading of babies and rapings. Israel murdered their own people on Oct. 7,” one woman told the city council.

Another woman, who was eventually cut off from speaking, claimed: “The notion that this was a massacre of Jews is a fabricated narrative. Many of those killed on Oct. 7, including children, were killed by the IDF.”

“To hear [the Jews] complain about Hamas violence is like listening to a wife-beater complain when his wife finally stands up and fights back,” the man said.

UNRWA, which has provided the basics of life (food, health care, education, etc.) to Palestinians for 75 years (funded by US and EU taxpayers), thus enabling both one of the world’s highest rates of population growth and the ability by Palestinians to maintain a permanent wartime footing (up to 100 percent of GDP can be spent on military because UNRWA pays for the essentials) is also more supportive than the top UN guy: “It is a day to affirm our support for the full rights and national aspirations of Palestinians”. (“national aspirations”, as noted above, means river-to-the-sea for about 75 percent of Palestinians)

Feminists in India support the guys who broke through the fence on October 7 to interact with Israeli women and girls:

Readers: What are you doing today to follow the United Nations guidance for expressing solidarity with Palestinians?


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10 thoughts on “International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (and a poll result)

  1. What are you doing today to follow the United Nations guidance for expressing solidarity with Palestinians? Going to the movies because the Jews control Hollywood (and we can all be thankful for that)!

  2. Had António Guterres been present at the liberation of Mauthausen, he would have made some comment regarding the unfairness of the Treaty of Versailles.

  3. Middle easterners just like waging war, driving long distances in their Teslas, & ranting about right to repair.

  4. Sounds like UNRWA is there is take hostages…

    This is insane!

    One of the released Israeli kidnapped kids, who was held for almost 50 days in the attic of a house, says he was held by an UNRWA teacher.

    This teacher is a father of 10 children, who locked the hostage in the attic, didn’t provided him with any food or his medicine.

    Another hostage was held captive by a a Gazan DOCTOR who continued to provide care to children in the hospital, but not the Israeli kid.

    Teachers, Doctors, UNWRA staff, they’re all under Hamas’ control. They were there at the massacre on October 7th, and took part in holding hundreds of hostages, including women and children, captive.

    Source: Israeli channel 12

    • Steve: Given that only about 13% of Palestinians polled were against the October 7 attacks (see original post), it isn’t surprising that UN employees are among those imprisoning hostages. It will be interesting to see if that is grounds for termination. It isn’t illegal under local law to hold a Jew hostage so why would UNRWA fire a hostage-holding teacher?

    • Thanks for that link. I’ve been down on Kissinger for his stint as a board member at Theranos (at age 90). But I guess in his 80s he was still quite sharp!

  5. Since you like to go on about US funded aid to Palestine I’m just going to copy/paste this:

    “Israel is the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. foreign aid: until February 2022, the United States had provided Israel US$150 billion (non-inflation-adjusted) in bilateral assistance. … in 2019, the amount was raised again, now standing at a minimum of US$3.8 billion that the US is committed to providing Israel each year.”

    So by your logic, Israel can focus on providing basics of life since military stuff is taken care of by the US taxpayer.

    • You are missing the point there. In WWII, US lend-lease program greatly benefited United Kingdom and USSR. US did not fund Adolf Hitler and his nazis for proportionality.
      But this is what US does now in the Middle East.

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