Banner-towing of a Palestinian flag over Harvard for International Civil Aviation Day

Somewhat bizarrely, December 7, famous for Japanese naval aviation achievements in Hawaii, is also International Civil Aviation Day.

How was this day observed in Maskachusetts? “Plane flying banner with the Palestinian flag and the words ‘Harvard Hates Jews’ circles the Cambridge campus” (Daily Mail):

A plane with the banner ‘Harvard Hates Jews’ coupled with a Palestinian flag has been spotted circling Harvard University’s campus ahead of the first night of Chanukah.

Anonymous Jewish students were reportedly behind the stunt on Thursday – sending a message in response to Harvard President Claudine Gay’s contentious testimony in Congress.

The aerial campaign that made its rounds around Cambridge was initiated by a group called ‘Harvard with Hamas,’ as reported by the Boston Herald.

The message was meant to ‘respond to the runaway antisemitism on the campus and the shocking support for Hamas terrorism and rape obscenely vocalized by Harvard faculty and students following the Oct. 7th massacre in Israel,’ according to the group.

Gay and the presidents of UPenn and MIT were eviscerated for telling Congress on Tuesday that calls for the genocide of Jews do not violate their codes of conduct, causing ferocious backlash and calls for her to resign.

A Cessna 172?

4 thoughts on “Banner-towing of a Palestinian flag over Harvard for International Civil Aviation Day

  1. Including the flag likely a bad choice. I can’t be the only who struggled to figure out of the plane was pro-antisemitism or anti-antisemitism.

    • Maybe they noticed that the inclusion of the flag of the future Nation of Palestine (or “Nation of the Islamic Resistance Movement”?) enhances any Twitter profile and concluded that it would also enhance any towed banner.

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