CDC director highlights the success of a state that ignored CDC advice

From #Science itself:

If we accept the CDC’s premise that humans are in charge of viruses, the map demonstrates that Science-deniers Ron DeSantis (Yale/Harvard grad) and Florida surgeon general Joseph Ladapo (Harvard MD/PhD in Science Denial) are doing a great job in Florida! The people who did the opposite of what the CDC suggested are “doing the best” (if we accept the public health premise that COVID-19 infection/death rates are the appropriate measure of a society’s success).

How could the CDC’s social media nerds not have waited for these data to change before highlighting this map to hundreds of thousands of Americans?

3 thoughts on “CDC director highlights the success of a state that ignored CDC advice

  1. So that’s what she did after “The Facts of Life”. I thought she became a recluse.

  2. Seems there’s been a massive change in the data in the last 10 hours! FL is now “very high” – but WV now “very high” also. Kentucky appears to remain a bubble of only low-moderate infection bliss. TN is “high” with only two sites reporting – how can two sites define the entire state? This is “interesting” data, to say the least…

    • Steve: You probably mean “10 days”. Indeed, the map now shows that Minnesota has gone from “lethal” to “low side of moderate”. Due to ignoring CDC advice, Florida has gone from low to high. Due to following CDC advice, California’s plague level has also moved higher. Pennsylvania too! Washington State remains safe, maybe because Jeff Bezos moved to Florida.

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