Hierarchy of victimhood from the CDC

Our celebration of Kwanzaa and the work of Professor Dr. Dr. Maulana Karenga, Ph.D., Ph.D., with and without toasters, begins today…

A Libs of Tiktok Tweet includes the following photo of a poster in a public school in Nashville, Tennessee:

Note the hierarchy of victimhood: The undocumented (listed first) are more important than Black students. Muslims are more important than those who identify as LGBTQ. Almost everyone is more important than the disabled.

Also, why does the school commit to celebrating Latinx culture, but not Muslim culture? What is stopping the school from celebrating what happens in Sudan, Somalia, Iran, Afghanistan, and Yemen?

Where does the money to research, develop, print, and post this hierarchy come from? Your federal tax dollars via the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

Here’s the glsen.org web site:

It looks like it is mostly a 2SLGBTQQIA+ organization, yet somehow they’re experts on other victimhood categories such as “undocumented” and “Black”. Their Form 990 for 2021 shows that they’re getting about $8.5 million per year in grants, perhaps part of “CDC allocated $85 million for grants requiring schools to start student-led clubs supporting LGBT youth” (The Center Square, 2022).

What if one wanted a victimhood poster without the hierarchy? How about a motorized wheel of victimhood in which the groups are arranged around the circumference? If the wheel rotates once every 7 hours, for example, that will make sure that students don’t see the same victimhood group on top every morning. I tried having my favorite artist put this together:

I’m not sure where ChatGPT got these bizarre spellings. I think that I spelled everything correctly in my prompt:

[after asking for a circular poster] Please change the poster so that the labels are only the following: Black, LGBTQ, Undocumented Immigrant, Muslim, Latinx, female, disabled

Are we seeing the HAL 9000 glitching following some circuitry removal?

8 thoughts on “Hierarchy of victimhood from the CDC

    • In the holiday season all federal/state/county and city offices I see hanukkiyah lights next to Christmas tree. I do not see these offices celebrating any other religious festival(including Kwanza).

    • In today’s day and age we can yell kike from the rooftops but the second someone yells N**** we get in trouble with our host due to google search results. It doesn’t make any sense to me. Not sure why the jews are as bad in the “minority olympics” as they are in the real olympics.

  1. HAL? HAL was logical.

    Current statistical AI is not logical. It’s a glorified Markov chain generator. It immediately fails where sime abstract – or at least multi-level – reasoning is required. It is alao useless when it has no example to plagiarize from.

    The bizzare spellings are the outcome of it not understansing that letter shapes in the image are supposed to form words it “knows” in its languahe model.

  2. Maybe that’s page 1 of 2, addressing only colonized people? Colonizers are not considered “people” and are addressed on page 2?

  3. ” I think that I spelled everything correctly in my prompt” How come MIT CS/EE leader think that deep learning (multi-layered) AI really understands the language? You asked for image, it probably does not have spell-check for image glyphs, and it generated close values.

  4. Unfiltered is unPC. In a recent interview, Mr. Altman said we need more smart grad students to review the training. Is smart grad student an oxymoron?

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