Vaccines so good you should do everything that you did before vaccines became available

January 30, 2024 memo from my mom’s retirement community “wellness coordinator”:

I am sorry to report that we are seeing an increase in the number of Covid cases here at [the home for elderly Democrats in Bethesda, Maryland]. Over the last 3 days we have 11 new cases.
I ask that you try to distance at meals as much as possible, even avoiding larger table settings. I am recommending that Residents/Guests wear a mask in the hallways and other common areas. I see many residents not wearing masks throughout the community, I cannot make anyone take these precautions, but I highly recommend them:
Resume Social Distancing
Wash hands often
Wear masks in common area
The clinic continues to do Rapid Covid testing. If you think you have been exposed or develop symptoms such as headache, nasal or chest congestion, sore throat, or body aches please come and get tested.

Everyone in the building is a Democrat (they all made money via the expansion of the federal government, either as government workers, lobbyists, contractors to the government, lawyers specializing in navigating regulations, etc.) so they’ve all had the maximum number of COVID-19 shots and boosters (not to mention one or two previous cases of COVID-19). In this highly vaccinated and boosted community, what are they told to do? Everything that they were told to do in 2020, before vaccines or boosters were available!

Separately, Taylor Swift’s latest boyfriend wants you to get injected with high-quality Pfizer products:

10 thoughts on “Vaccines so good you should do everything that you did before vaccines became available

  1. Everyone in the building is a Democrat. I assume that our host Phil has entered the building so this statement is not always correct.
    what are they told to do? Shut up and obey.

  2. So typical if the lion kingdom goes its entire life without any symptoms & dies in a retirement home from it.

    • jdc: Even worse… she’s in our guest room now and I’m taking care of her! That reminds me to change her laundry from washer to dryer…

  3. “Dr” Phil:

    If you are in charge of that community what would your direction be? What action would you take? The message they sent seems reasonable to me. As usual this is a serious question but I suspect, as usual, you will not answer my direct question.

    As it is with the border crisis, Republicans love to complain about good-faith efforts on the left to govern, but when put in charge they don’t like to solve problems.

    For the last few days the message on Fox News is Biden doesn’t need any new laws to fix the border. If so why didn’t Trump just unilaterally fix the border when he had the chance?

    • I just returned from the building today (exfiltrated my mother down to the Florida Free State where she will live under the tyranny of Ron DeSantis). I did a Twitter post on their companion policy of discouraging the comparatively health residents in “independent living” from visiting friends who’ve declined and are stuck in skilled nursing or assisted living:

    • What would I do now that we’re in Year 4 CP (the 4th year of coronapanic)? Certainly I wouldn’t tell anyone to wear a mask since that leads to a false sense of security and consequent higher rate of SARS-CoV-2 spread. The folks in the building have nearly all had COVID-19 once or twice (in addition to their multiple boosters). If they’re still alive, therefore, they aren’t all that vulnerable to the virus. Like us, they have a limited life expectancy, but even shorter than most of us. So I would advise them to do whatever leads to day-to-day happiness because today might be one of their last good days.

    • Illegal immigration went down under Trump. Four years is not forever. On Biden’s first day, he reversed much good that Trump did via executive order.

      But it is true that establishment Republicans are as bad as libs on the border.

    • That’s what I figured. A very infectious disease that is still killing thousands of senior citizens a week? We should do nothing! That’s the right-wing philosophy.

  4. My mother was at care facility in a very righteous blue state but seemingly less righteous then Maryland, because I was allowed to visit her in a COVID ward when she was diagnosed with COVID which she got into the hospital for not-related emergency treatment.
    She quickly recovered and was moved to a regular room. I was able to visit her all months there before she died from a non-COVID related condition that was found during COVID pandemics and amplified and multiplied when she got COVID “vaccines”, even though other COVID patients were present there.

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