For whom do we root in the Super Bowl? A Pfizer COVID vaccine shill or a whole city of coerced vaccination, forced masking, and school closure?

Today is the Super Bowl. On one side we have junk vaccine profiteer Travis Kelce, paid a reported $20 million to promote Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines (recently shown to have zero effect on death rate among those who’ve previously made it through a SARS-CoV-2 infection; see “Effectiveness of a fourth SARS-CoV-2 vaccine dose in previously infected individuals from Austria”). On the other side we have a team from San Francisco, renowned for its muscular 1.5-year public school closures, forced masking, coerced vaccinations (meekly accepted by everyone except In-N-Out), etc.

“We refuse to become the vaccination police for any government,” Arnie Wensinger, [In-N-Out’s] chief legal and business officer, said in a statement. “It is unreasonable, invasive and unsafe to force our restaurant associates to segregate customers into those who may be served and those who may not.”

Our neighborhood is having a party on the green where the kids play every afternoon. The HOA will run a couple of cables from the clubhouse/gym and project the game on an inflatable outdoor screen.

For whom should an anti-coronapanic and anti-Covidcrat American root?


13 thoughts on “For whom do we root in the Super Bowl? A Pfizer COVID vaccine shill or a whole city of coerced vaccination, forced masking, and school closure?

  1. I chose the lesser of 2 evils and went with Kansas City. Also, given they are the underdog, I found that I could make more money in Fan Duel (Thanks Maryland) if they win.
    If I do win anything over my original bet, I am donating it to people that are working to rescue cats off the streets! Feel free to cheer me on!

  2. Your HOA should buy everyone a trip to the space station. Inflatable screens are kids stuff. The 49ers are actually from Santa Clara. Like most teams, they’ll probably move to Las Vegas & still be called San Francisco 49ers.

  3. How is it even possible to see anything on the outside screen in blazing Florida sun?
    Projector needs to be truly massive!

  4. I’m just going to turn the game on in background.

    Don’t really care about either of the teams. Seahawks were a disappointment this season. 🤨

  5. I stopped watching sportsball years ago. Don’t miss it at all. Now I wonder why grown men buy jerseys with another man’s name on the back.

    • Anon: I’m not a huge NFL fan, but our boys love it and it was fun to see them organize the house for a private super bowl party (the neighborhood outdoor screen is only 1080p and they have noticed that our $900 Costco 86″ 4K TV has better image quality). This game went down to the last few seconds of overtime, so it was as close and exciting as an NFL game can be.

      The jersey phenomenon puzzles me as well. If you’re short, old, and out of shape, why do you want to remind people of that by wearing the jersey of a tall, young, and incredibly fit person?

  6. In most of the world, the US and I think New Zealand are the exceptions, drugs, etc. are not permitted to be promoted directly to consumers. So in most of the world a medical intervention recommended by an athlete with a college degree from the University of Cincinnati in “interdisciplinary studies” would be a private matter.

    • Direct pharmaceutical advertisements were illegal in NZ when I lived there 2007-2008. I doubt it’s different now.

  7. Despite both teams being rather anemic, game was interesting to watch.

    Jersey phenomenon is rather simple – makes it easy to join a group.

    I wear Seahawks hat when I travel and polo shirt to poker games – makes nice conversation piece for chat with strangers.

  8. The Pfizer shill:
    1) Assaulted his boss, a Wilford Brimley impersonator, early in the game.

    2) Attempted to lead the crowd in “Viva Las Vegas”, despite being employed by the Kansas City franchise, which is a direct competitor to the Las Vegas franchise (the “Raiders”).

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