Warning to Californians about the chemical hazards of playing pinball

From the creative geniuses at Stern, a James Bond Premium machine, NIB:

A harmless diversion? Only if you think that cancer, birth defects, and “reproductive harm” are harmless! The warning to Californians about what might happen to them if they are brave enough to unbox this machine:

Speaking of brave, an 8-year-old confronts Carcharodon carcharias, with a little help from Keith Elwin, the designer of #1-ranked Godzilla and, most recently, Jaws:

(The Premium and LE versions are the ones to buy because the shark comes up from underneath the playfield, but our favorite Jupiter, Florida pinball dealer has yet to receive any of those.)

Loosely related:

  • Straight Outta Compton… “Body of California pit bull breeder killed by his own dogs found in backyard kennel” (New York Post): “A California dog breeder was mauled to death by pit bulls he was raising, authorities said as his dog-ravaged body was found inside a kennel in the backyard of his home on Friday. … His father consented to sign over the dogs to Animal Care & Control for “impoundment and examination.” (the pups will be available for adoption soon and with no warning label?)

3 thoughts on “Warning to Californians about the chemical hazards of playing pinball

  1. The California government sounds like my girlfriend. She told me warming up her noodles in the microwave was going to give me cancer from the chemicals lining the paper bowl, but I could do it anyway.

  2. I have a suggestion to California’s legislators. Take all the warnings that the state has and print them into a booklet. Hand out a booklet to anyone visiting California to make sure visitors are kept out of harms and safe.

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