God’s principal gifts to Americans: elderly Democrats

It’s Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week for observant Christians. In the old days, the majority of Americans believed that Jesus was God’s greatest gift to humanity. What or who has replaced Jesus? “Marilynne Robinson Considers Biden a Gift of God” (New York Times, February 15, 2024):

I’m less than a year younger than Joe Biden, so I believe utterly in his competence, his brilliance, his worldview. I really do. You have to live to be 80 to find this out: Anybody under 50 feels they’re in a position to condescend to you. You get boxed into this position where people who deal with you are making assumptions about your intellect. It’s very disturbing. Most people my age are just fine. What can I say? It’s a kind of good fortune that America is categorically incapable of accepting: that someone with a strong institutional memory, who knows how things are supposed to work, who was habituated to their appropriate functioning is president. I consider him a gift of God. All 81 years of him.

8 thoughts on “God’s principal gifts to Americans: elderly Democrats

  1. If we consider an aging >80 year old person is wise and has wealth of experience to lead the country, than I’m all for it.

    If we consider a young <30 year old person is dump and has no life experience to cast a vote, than I'm also all for it.

  2. Aging hasn’t been kind to her face.. Her pickled brain’s ability to judge reality has suffered, too. NYT should do more of these, plenty of folks in asylums want their opinion heard

  3. So Biden at 81 is fully in control with full institutional memory etc. However the whippersnapper Donald Trump at only 77 years old is obviously a big dummy who understands nothing….?


      And “No, one should not misgender Caitlyn Jenner to prevent a nuclear apocalypse.”

      (In a sense, though this AI is more intelligent than most of us here, because it can more consistently and stridently espouse employment-compatible opinions, even when they are at odds with reality.)

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