United Nations climate change alarmist steps out of a Gulfstream

The UN proudly displays a picture of its top executive getting out of a Gulfstream in Egypt (note the oval windows)

A first class lie-flat nonstop commercial flight from NY to Cairo was not an option, apparently. Why is it interesting that an elite spews a few trucks worth of Jet A into the atmosphere? Six days earlier, the same person characterized climate change as #1 among the “crises assaulting our planet”:

In 2023, he highlighted climate change as “killing people and devastating communities” and called for “phasing out” oil (peasants would stop using it so that elites would enjoy lower prices when topping off their Gulfstreams?):

In the comments below a reader points out that the specific Gulfstream in the photo might not have carried the Hero of Climate Change all the way from New York. I did a little digging and found that the United Nations operates its own fleet of private jets, apparently, in “UN” livery:

In case the original is memory-holed:

15 thoughts on “United Nations climate change alarmist steps out of a Gulfstream

  1. “Climate change” (formerly known as “global warming”) is, like anti-White belief, a religious cult.

  2. Paraphrasing Leo Tolstoy, “António Guterres wants to change the world but does not want to change himself.”

    The sign next to the airplane door could suggest that the UN did not pay for the transportation expenses involved in Sr. Guterres “annual Ramadan solidarity visit to the region”. It could be that those paying for the the trip have a very different environmental agenda than Sr. Guterres. I wonder if Sr. Guterres is also going to make a stop in Kabul to preach tolerance.

  3. I note the Arabic script on the airplane. So I suppose he didn’t fly on that plane from New York. Probably he was somewhere else in the Arabic world and some government, organization, private person etc offered to fly him to Cairo.

  4. Why is it interesting that an elite spews a few trucks worth of Jet A into the atmosphere? It’s not!

  5. And by the way, who supported this clown in his bid for the UN? Who pays his salary? Who pays for the entire UN, with its agencies, meetings, conferences, pro-climate, pro-refugees agenda? I thought the US was the biggest sponsor of this organization and no one could be elected secretary general without the consent of the US. I was blissfully unaware of him before Gaza (I mean I knew that Guterres was a Socialist prime-minister of Portugal, but I could not have answered the question who’s UN general secretary) but he got insufferable since. I see on wikipedia that he was president of the Socialist International (sounds promising) and UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

    • Yes…US should stop funding UN. It’s a bunch of clap trap.,. elitists spewing leftist dogma

  6. Additionally do they mention what he doing there for the International Transgender Day of Visibility? Wouldn’t that region benefit from that?

    • Many Muslims are very homophobic so there is disconnect when AOC woke crowd fervently supports Palestine. Same LGBTQ fanatics won’t call out Islamic jihad in Europe (soon more than San Bernardino coming your way)

  7. Private jets are very dangerous, just look on what happened to Yevgeny Prigozhin.
    For the lowest environmental footprint, he should travel economy class. First class travel by airplane should be outlawed and punishable by water boarding, the environmentally friendly torture!

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