The skeptical journalists at NPR and the New York Times

A tweet that senior New York Times writer Nicholas Kristof deleted is vaguely viewable via The Google:

State-sponsored NPR and Kristof did not question the idea that 30,000 trucks were trying to get into Gaza right now. At a standard load of 80,000 lbs. per truck, this works out to 2.4 billion lbs. of aid in the backup or roughly 1,000 lbs. per resident of Gaza (2.3 million on October 7 and perhaps slightly larger now due to 65,000+ births per year).

These are the same folks whom we rely on to enlighten us regarding the crimes of Donald J. Trump, the best cloth masks for preventing infection by an aerosol virus, the merits of higher tax rates and larger government, etc.

2 thoughts on “The skeptical journalists at NPR and the New York Times

  1. That 80,000 pounds is gross weight of a fully-loaded 18-wheeler semi (in England, a lorry). The tare weight, the truck itself, is typically 35,000 pounds, so only 45,000 pounds maximum load. Perhaps many of the trucks are smaller, for instance a 5-7 yard dump truck has a maximum load of 17,000 pounds and six wheels. A 10 wheel truck would have a maximum load between, maybe about 30,000 pounds.
    And 30,000 72-foot semis bumper-to-bumper single file would be 409 miles. But that single file 12 feet wide is still less than 1 square mile.

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