Add a tattoo every time one sees an eclipse?

Houlton, Maine has at least two downtown tattoo shops. While passing the one below I shouted out to my companions, “Brainwave: We get a tattoo with the city name and date every time we watch an eclipse.” This idea was topped with “It has to be a face tattoo.”

3 thoughts on “Add a tattoo every time one sees an eclipse?

  1. I was recently browsing a state-specific Reddit where one user asked which local tattoo parlors offered “YGWYG tattoos,” which stands for “You Get What You Get.”

    Apparently a person walks into a tattoo parlor, agrees to pay a nontrivial amount of money without any input whatsoever as to the content of the tattoo. The Redditor and/or her husband had done this before and thought that it would be fun to do it again.

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