Radcliffe: It was women who defeated Hitler

My mom was Class of 1955 at Radcliffe, the women’s college that was part of Harvard University in parallel with the men’s college (“Harvard College”). Here’s part of a recent email from Radcliffe:

Women’s history is deeply entwined with the history of resistance. In this issue of our Women, Gender, and Society newsletter, we feature stories of women who challenged the status quo, from the German resistance to sex-positive feminism. Learn more about women who inspired change—and don’t miss the latest Schlesinger Library exhibition, which highlights the many facets of women’s movements working toward liberation in the United States, starting at midcentury.

By inference, I think it is also fair to say that people who identify as “women” are allied with Hamas (the “Islamic Resistance Movement”). If my mom’s class is representative, the typical Radcliffe graduate seems to have enjoyed tremendous success in resisting working for wages. Either during or just after college, these women got married to men and then lived off the wages earned by those men, whether they stayed married or availed themselves of the no-fault divorce laws that became available circa 1970 collected alimony.

Speaking of Hamas, once Harvard comes under Hamas’s direct management I wonder what they will think of the following:

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  1. Sex-positive feminism sounds like a liberal voting medeival practicing theme. If modern viewpoints on the division of manul labor applied, US would have lost WWII. Maybe they could have printed money & bought everything from China.

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