Formula Joe Biden race series?

As previously noted, the Miami F1 event featured a race in which drivers who weren’t as good as the F1 drivers were nonetheless featured due to a personal characteristic (gender ID). How about a series in which a different personal characteristic is used to restrict who may compete: age? For drivers who are at least 80 years old… Formula Joe Biden (FJB). Because Joe Biden loves the 1967 Chevrolet Corvette (photo below is from “Joe Biden and Colin Powell drag race their ’67 and 2015 Corvettes”), the FJB series would put every driver into a C8 Corvette. Some of the drivers might suffer from slow reflexes, so the Corvettes would be restricted to “teen driver mode”.

6 thoughts on “Formula Joe Biden race series?

  1. This car fascination is a new blog trend. The SR-20 is starting to get worried. 50 years of vans are about to end.

  2. FJB is being used so it’s unlikely there will ever be used for Formula Joe Biden.. After all it’s not fair to the Friends of Jupiter Beach.

    • Funny you should mentione it… Greenspun was actually on the boat that sank at 9:45 with some of his brothers and sisters!

    • I guess our dear Philg keeps forgetting the motto “If It Flies, Floats, or Fucks, Rent It!”

    • D: I don’t own a dock, much less a boat! (I am a member of Freedom Boat Club, though!)

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