Climate change is an existential threat, but China is a bigger threat

Joe Biden, 2023 (

You know, I’ve seen firsthand what the reports made clear: the devastating toll of climate change and its existential threat to all of us. And it is the ultimate threat to humanity: climate change.

“Biden to Quadruple Tariffs on Chinese EVs” (Wall Street Journal, May 10, 2024):

The Biden administration is preparing to raise tariffs on clean-energy goods from China in the coming days, with the levy on Chinese electric vehicles set to roughly quadruple, according to people familiar with the matter. … signs that China was ramping up exports of clean-energy goods prompted concern in Washington, where officials are trying to protect a nascent American clean-energy industry from China.

Officials are particularly focused on electric vehicles, and they are expected to raise the tariff rate to roughly 100% from 25%, according to the people. An additional 2.5% duty applies to all automobiles imported into the U.S. The existing 25% tariff on Chinese electric vehicles has so far effectively barred those models, often cheaper than Western-made cars, from the U.S. market. Biden administration officials, automakers and some lawmakers worry that wouldn’t be enough given the scale of Chinese manufacturing.

In other words, it is better for all humans to be killed by climate change (the “existential threat” turning out to be real) than it is to drive a Chinese car or use any other “clean-energy good” from China.

One might think that the cognitive dissonance would start to become apparent even to climate change alarmists themselves. Greta Thunberg has switched to pro-Hamas activism (e.g., protesting against the 20-year-old Eden Golan singing in the Eurovision contest; this reminds me to wonder if there will be a sequel to the Will Ferrell movie). Even if we accept that Palestinians are the world’s most noble people, how is the status of their war against the Israelis more important than the impending death of all humans that she previously warned us about? Of course, there are the climate change alarmists who use private jets. And we have the Biden administration, which says that climate change is on track to kill all humans and also keeps the border open so that millions of migrants from low-carbon societies can become high-carbon-output residents of the U.S. (the quickest method of accelerating CO2 emissions imaginable). Finally, we now have these huge tariffs to discourage Americans from adopting what we’ve been informed are planet-saving/humanity-saving technologies.

Separately… the YANGWANG U9 from BYD, with the 1 horsepower that is required for moving at Miami Beach traffic speed and 1,299 hp in reserve.

7 thoughts on “Climate change is an existential threat, but China is a bigger threat

  1. Remember 40 years ago when Thailand’s 100% import duty on cars was ludicrous & caused everyone to buy domestically produced junk clones. Everyone had domestically produced BMW’s with bits falling off. It could never happen here.

    The bigger picture is why both parties have started opposing China in the last 10 years. It might be the use of trade deficits & a 2 headed economy to pull down inflation finally cracking.

  2. The tariffs are used to keep the oligopoly in power in the respective industries. The main result will be that the consumer will pay with higher prices, productivity will drop and inflation will keep rising. In someways all that China has to do is sit back and watch the US fall apart. Any remaining PCB assembly and manufacturing in the US will move to China.

    Climate change will not kill off society, but the resource and food shortages caused by climate change will. The only question is when a nuclear war will be the result. Luckily we have an excellent tutorial on how to survive in the post apocalyptic wasteland called Fallout on Amazon.

    I am moving from on from melding in elections to founding the “Brotherhood of Steel”. Anybody else want to join in setting up chapters of the “Brotherhood of Steel”?
    Toucan Sam are you able to set up a chapter in your area?

    • It’s finally time for you to stop stealing our elections! I will gladly join the brotherhood!

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