Elite high school senior thesis

From $55,000/year (tuition alone) Boston University Academy, a senior thesis project for 2024:

To make sure that the scholar won’t be identifiable if the academic discipline of Comparative Victimhood ever wanes in intellectual prestige, I have removed his/her/zir/their name from the poster and added a fashion item.

Note that the poster on the left is all about Simone de Beauvoir, “Beaver” to Jean-Paul Sartre.

Here’s a close-up of the brilliant young person’s work, supervised by Dr. Kristin Jewell:

Let’s check the teacher’s Facebook page:

Let’s return to the poster…

A few unusual spellings and punctuations:

  • feeligns
  • non_American (generates warm feeligns in my Oracle RDBMS programmer’s heart)
  • instnace

A book jacket with the author’s name “Cathy Park Hong” is depicted while, above, the author’s name is spelled “CATHAY Park Hong”.

“The issues in pursuing status in a system that once [targeted?] and continues to target people of color” needs some help to qualify as Standard English?

“Despite the massive contributions [by] and exploitation of Chinese immigrant workers none were allowed in the commemorative photo” is missing a word?

Cathy Park Hong (from Cathay?) wrote about “What minor feelings are”, according to the poster. What if the minor feeling is “For $55,000/year in high school tuition, the teacher should show students how to run posters through spellcheck”?

More substantively, does the poster imply that “people of color” in South Korea (i.e., Koreans) are worse off today because the American military prevented the North Korean government from taking over what is today South Korea? Whites got a great deal because we can buy Samsung phones, sophisticated semiconductors, and Kia Tellurides while “people of color” suffer in Seoul?

8 thoughts on “Elite high school senior thesis

  1. Sometimes these final projects are “phoned in” due to senioritis. The senior has already gotten into college.

  2. Off topic! Heard the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force might be looking for new helicopter pilots. I wonder if our fine hoist might consider such a position. It might make for some interesting blog content.

    • Thanks, TS. It is both confusing and sad if Iranian elected officials turn out to have been killed. Sad because it gives the public a bad impression of helicopters. Confusing because Iran closely follows Islamic law and custom and, therefore, shouldn’t Allah be protecting pious Iranians? (Allah protects senior Hamas officials, for example, giving them safe passage to Qatar and Turkey via tunnels to Egypt.)

    • Overheard in flight training department…. a pilot from America and Iran are in a simulator session. After a litany of failures the Iranian pilot throws up his hands in frustration and says “everything is in the hands of Allah now!”

    • And later on, when the Iranian learned that Allah is gay and black, he started to curse and swear at Toucan Sam!!

  3. “Kia Tellurides”

    Bob: Did I tell you about my new ride?
    Annoyed barista: “Uh, no?”
    Bob: “It’s a Tell-U-Ride.”

  4. The whitiest project if there ever been. Perfect Oxford Dictionary spelling. It looks like PhD in whitism. No rapping. Hi tries to hold his crotch though.

  5. I prefer the view of “whiteness” through the American-Asian lens of Yeonmi Park, a woman who escaped North Korea after enduring tyranny, hunger, and rape. She eventually ended up in America, where she studied at Columbia but found it infected by ideologies similar to North Korea.

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