Joe Biden’s complex mind (examples of cognitive dissonance)

Loyal readers know that I’m a huge fan of the human ability to hold beliefs that are apparent logical contradictions. Here’s an interesting collection from one Tweet exploring the interior of Joe Biden’s mind:

The basic mental disease present in all Biden foreign policy is the bizarre need to take both sides in every conflict. Condolences for the mass-murdering head of a terror regime. Humanitarian aid for Hamas, which Biden also says Israel should defeat. Weapons for Israel but also constant condemnation and criticism. Arms for Ukraine that they’re not allowed to use against targets in Russia. Taking the Houthis off the sanctions list but also bombing them.

Full tweet:

A reminder of my personal favorite collection of logical contradictions, from 2020:

And let’s not forget the mental gymnastics around immigration. The border is not “open”, but Joe Biden is considering “closing” it (and would “close” the non-open border if Republicans in Congress would cooperate). Native-born Black Americans are not being “replaced” by immigrants; it is just that their former houses and jobs are now occupied by the Latinx (Politico and NBER).

14 thoughts on “Joe Biden’s complex mind (examples of cognitive dissonance)

  1. Let’s not forget that a black male applicant must be 10-times more qualified than a white male to get a job due to racism but he has so many Morehouse College graduates working in the White House that he can’t count them (yet the real number employed in the White House is zero.). See speech from Sunday (2 days ago) for details, context, and his exact words – . Shocking.

  2. Same as every other ruler. Hard to believe we’re going to keep voting for mental disease instead of GPT-4o.

  3. As any good arms dealer, we know that if we can supply both sides in a balanced manner, the conflict will last longer, and be more profitable.

  4. “Dr” Phil:

    You claim to like logical contradictions yet rarely, if ever, mention those on the right which are oftentimes 100x worse! I’m a smarmy idle-rich white old dude like you and that’s why I’ve shifted left. The idiot-factor of the right is astonishing. There is no comparison. I’ll put up my top 10 worst (R) politician list against your (D) list.

    Republicans think Donald Trump is more religious than Mitt Romney.

    Trump = never once went to church (unless he tear gasses people first), doesn’t know a single Bible verse, married three times, sleeps with porn stars, >20,000 lies, hates brown people, hates the poor, pays for abortions…did I get the opposite of all 10 Commandments yet?

    Romney = At one point a stake president of a major religion! One wife, lots of kids, went on a Mormon mission, counseled women not to have abortions, encouraged unmarried women facing unplanned pregnancies to give their babies up for adoption, etc.

    • Mike: Although I have never met anyone who said that Donald Trump was more religious than Mitt Romney, let’s suppose that such a person exists. How would he/she/ze/they be an example of cognitive dissonance? The person could be an example of being mistaken (we would need God to settle the question definitively). The person could be an example of someone being “an idiot” as you say. But I don’t see that believing that Politician A is more of a believer than Politician B requires a person to hold two contradictory ideas in his/her/zir/their head simultaneously.

    • @Mike, do you want to see a real cognitive dissonance? “President Biden’s Executive Actions Have Cost Taxpayers Over $2 Trillion” [1]. This is not counting the $9 trillions [2] spent through congress.

      The one that really pisses me off, and it should piss you off too, is the student loan forgiveness. Why? Because we have now set a tread for the next generation.


    • And student loan forgiveness? Is one of the largest, most expansive campaign spending by Biden, paid for by American tax payers, without their consent, at the cost of the future of this country, to win the vote of those who aren’t accountable.

    • George A: I happen to agree with you that it is unfair to transfer the burden of college student loans from college graduates onto the backs of working class Americans who never went to college. That said, I don’t think Democrats bribing their supporters with money extracted from the working class requires holding two simultaneously contradictory believes. Democrats no longer pretend to be friends of the working class, for example.

  5. As someone said, Mikes reasoning process is not far away from GPT computer model. Smooth transitions from word to word while not making connection to reality at all.

    • Alex: That’s a great point. Mike’s responses often have some textual relationship to the original post, but not necessarily a logical one (starting right at the beginning with “Dr. Phil” as a way to address someone who has never introduced himself as “doctor”, not even on expert reports (always “Philip Greenspun, Ph.D.” under the signature and I always try to tell the jury about my work experience before mentioning any degrees)). It looks as though AI Mike was trained primarily on a diet of text regarding Donald Trump, which is why the Great Satan’s name appears in Mike’s comments even if not in thee original post.

    • @Philip, since Mike thinks you are a “Dr.” I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you give him some medical advice.

      I don’t want to lose Mike, he gives us the perspective of liberal and progressive.

      To that end, one would think, with all what Trump have said, and have done, Biden would be double digits ahead of Trump, but yet 50% of Americans don’t back Biden. Go figure!

  6. @Philip, the video that you linked to, one topic, correctly was left out: essential marijuana. There is no confusion about it.

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