Identifying as Asian in an elite Maskachusetts school

From a friend in the Boston suburbs:

[Asian-American son] applied to be a student advisor and was turned down. He was perplexed as he has the highest GPA in the [expensive private] school of 500 students and gets along with everyone. He is a volunteer for the Special Olympics and helps people without being condescending. Everyone likes him. Even girls invite him to their birthday parties. He later found out that two of his black friends who didn’t apply got it. They said the school reached out to them and talked them into doing it, so they applied and were selected.

(Deplorable failure to capitalize Black in original. I can verify the father’s high opinion of this kid’s personality. He’s super smart, relaxed, athletic, and never brags.)

Different friend in the Boston suburbs:

guys, after several months of constant assault by [the wife], [the son] got himself a date to the prom

his sister tried everything – called him an incel

what’s the difference between [my wife] and a pitbull?

at some point, the pitbull lets go.

The future prom king is tall, fit, and looks great by my standards (i.e., is not old). I had previously asked him why he wasn’t exploring the public high school female population. He said, “I don’t agree with their value system. They say that you’re not sophisticated if you haven’t slept with at least five people before graduating high school.” I replied, “Well, if that’s all it takes then we can go down to the nearest bathhouse tonight and you can have sex with five guys in a couple of hours.” (The family has not invited me back into their home.)

Related… (NBC)

Helms Ategeka, a top Head-Royce School student, was accepted to 122 colleges and received $5.3 million in collective scholarships.

“I feel really lucky that there are people out there, that there are institutions out there that see the value that I have to give,” Helms said.

Helms believes it was his nearly 10 extracurriculars, spanning from choir to theater to starting his own club, along with his 3.9 GPA that set him apart on paper.

14 thoughts on “Identifying as Asian in an elite Maskachusetts school

  1. Head Royce is a really good school. (But that bit about theatre and choir is hilarious) Why did he apply to over 120 schools? (Other than to prove a pretty funny point, I guess) I hope he didn’t take up any spots that b0ring asian kids would have enjoyed. It’s always funny when you see these “Accepted at all of the Ivy League schools” news stories: It’s never a white or asian kid.

  2. Asian students tend to apply to impossible engineering programs while black students tend to apply to easy social studies programs. Very common news story in Calif*, but the asians just transfer into engineering after a year of GE’s.

  3. @Philip:

    > (The family has not invited me back into their home.)

    Go back, with a fabric mask covering your chin only, a rainbow flag tattoo on one arm and a BLM tattoo on the other and a keffiyeh over you head, and you will be welcomed back!

  4. I don’t understand. Doesn’t it cost a crazy amount of money to apply to even just the normal number of colleges.

    • There are fee waivers available. I’m sure this young scholar took advantage of them.

  5. it will cost around $70 to apply to a college through common app and electronically sending the SAT/ACT scores. The NBC article does not mention his SAT or ACT. why?

  6. Second family is strange. It looks like they pushing their virtuous son and brother towards promiscuity, while remaining close – knit family. Is either mom or sister named Stormy Daniels?
    Also, it seems that the lad does not fall under definition incel His is voluntarily celibate. STDs can wait.

    • One of neighbors here in the comparative ghetto of Abacoa/Jupiter does house-/dog-sitting for people in Palm Beach. She earns over $1,000 per day to sit in a $10+ million house with a terrier.

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