Anyone running a charity auction? Need an airplane or helicopter ride?

I’ve been donating rides in my airplane and helicopter to charities with good results (between $400 and $1200 raised for each ride).  I’m wondering if anyone among the readers has a local Boston charity and would like to auction some rides in my aircraft.  If so, please contact me via email.  I have prepared some pages that explain the rides to donors:


5 thoughts on “Anyone running a charity auction? Need an airplane or helicopter ride?

  1. I think that is amazingly generous. Would you actually consider taking people up for a fee without an auction??
    The part where you mention trying your hands at the controls sounds like a lot of fun. Another question, in the link for the Cirrus the plane had a parachute, does your plane have one?

  2. Chris: My plane supposedly has a parachute, but I have not verified this by pulling the big red handle! I’m an instructor at East Coast Aero Club and anyone can rent a plane and me by the hour (a little over $100 for the Katanas, which are fun airplanes, and $225/hour for the Robinson). I need to build 50 extra hours of non-instructional helicopter time ASAP. Maybe I will do a Dutch auction among the readers of this Weblog who live in Boston!

  3. For both the charity and Dutch auctions, you might mention that people could make “gift-certificate” donations, if they lived far from Boston but had family/friends in New England.

    To spur donations (and rides), what can you say about making photos from an R22? Angles/altitudes, quality of light, haze, composition, lenses, vibration, example images, etc? Or perhaps you can recommend some great links for aerial/helocopter photography? Relatedly, sorta, perhaps you could “rent” your new Canon 5D for an extra $100 donation.

    I agree with Chris, this is wonderfully generous, and a great win-win-win proposition.

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