Dating tips for foreigners in Turkey

One of my guides in Cappadocia was kind enough to give me some dating advice for Turkey.  He is a handsome fellow in his late 20s with a gorgeous girlfriend so he speaks with some authority. “Forget about girls in the eastern portion of Turkey who haven’t been to university,” he started, “the real action begins at age 19 for girls in their first year at the university, especially those girls from western Turkey.”

“There are clubs for elite people along the Bosphorus in Istanbul,” he explained, “that I couldn’t get into by myself and maybe only with my girlfriend.  Turks have to telephone ahead for a reservation but you’re an American so they will let you in regardless.”  What age of woman would be interested in a 44-year-old guy (my birthday was September 28 🙁 )?  “Any age woman, starting at 20, would be interested in an American.  They assume that you have money.”

Dress code?  He looked at my stainless steel watch.  “Get a gold watch.  Let them know that you are staying at a top hotel.”

Cautions?  “Make sure that they are not there with their boyfriend or brother.  You could get punched.”