iPad makes life easier

Here’s a snapshot from a recent commercial airline flight. It shows a happy iPad customer using the device on top of a laptop. So now the guy has two gizmos to lug around and two batteries to remember to charge every night…

Due to the fact that hardly anyone ever masters desktop/laptop operating systems, I’m a big fan of limited-purpose appliances, but it sure would be nice if they could charge themselves somehow.

[Photo taken with Motorola Droid 2 mobile phone. I was also carrying an iPod and a Lenovo Thinkpad and associated chargers on this two-day trip.]

6 thoughts on “iPad makes life easier

  1. The iPad battery definitely doesn’t need recharged every night.

    But really, it looks like he’s just reading the news. So, it has replaced that guy’s newspaper that he may have normally brought along.

  2. J: the Droid 2 doesn’t quite replace the iPod since a lot of hotels have clock radios into which an iPod drops nicely and then fills the room with music. Also, I haven’t copied a bunch of music onto the Droid 2 (a loaner from Verizon PR). I don’t carry a full charger for the iPod, but only a cable that plugs into USB.

  3. Is that, per-chance, a USB GSM modem on that laptop? If so, naughty naughty. My company might be special, but, you can’t VPN in unless you use the company supplied laptop. The webmail that you can use from a non-company laptop is very limited. Combine that with the fact that I don’t want to do too much personal stuff on the company laptop and I end up with two laptops. Grr.

  4. I’ve been quite satisfied with airline travel and the iPad, but then I don’t own a laptop and if I did, I would not lug both around. It occupies the volume & weight of one ordinary sized book I might physically carry…. and guess what, I stopped taking books along (I can usually find books or other publications as free PDF files to keep me occupied).

  5. Charging will never be eliminated, but the next best thing is the iPad’s battery life, which I’d estimate to be about 3x that of the average laptop.

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