8 thoughts on “Suburban Ball Drop…

  1. I thought a suburban ball drop meant your neighbors dropped the ball by relaxing zoning laws to the point that some PhDless immigrants were able to move in.

  2. Mindy the Crippler is a golden retriever. Figures. I suspected that she wasn’t a pit bull…

  3. Happy New Year @Philg and @readers.

    Not related, by why oh why are over 90% (my own estimate, but I see this so often) of videos taken by smart-phones are done so vertically instead of horizontally?

  4. George: Now that most video is consumed on phones rather than legacy TVs I have given up my fanatical opposition to vertical video. If it is a vertical subject, why not?

  5. We had a beach ball drop but shivering just the same. Happy FL panhandle stranded-in-Central-Time-Zone New Year. We actually get to celebrate twice: first in The World, an hour later in LA (Lower Alabama).

  6. Where is the Chevy Suburban in the video?
    I was expecting to see a Suburban hanging off a bridge and then somebody cutting the rope 🙂

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