Men willing to place risky business bets are also more likely to generate complaints by women?

One of my friends from grad school and I swapped tales of yesterday’s meetings.

She had a meeting with a CEO who dropped unsubtle hints about (a) his wife being away, (b) this resulting in a lack of sexual activity, (c) maybe it was therefore time for an affair.

[Note that, statistically, the wife being away should not be relevant to the “no sex” situation; roughly half of married women are uninterested in sex with their husbands after four years of marriage (Good Housekeeping).]

I had a meeting with some “data scientists” at an insurance company. There was certainly no discussion of anything sexual and the only risk was of falling asleep.

I was sorry that my engineer/entrepreneur friend had a negative experience with the lonely CEO (in order to reduce litigation risk, maybe the Board of his company should get him a plane ticket to a jurisdiction where prostitution is legal and fund a “party”?), but I pointed out that maybe the fact that he was willing to meet with her and talk about a super risky investment was correlated with the fact that he was considering taking the risk of mixing sex and business. I’m pretty sure that those insurance company folks wouldn’t be buying anything riskier than the S&P 500.

The recent SpaceX heavy rocket launch was yesterday (AVweb). Who was willing to take the insanely risky bet on this company? Steve Jurvetson, the recently disgraced venture capitalist (see this interview with him on the subject of SpaceX, made just before all that anyone cared about was which women he was having sex with).

What’s the answer? How about we give all positions of power to women? American guys have demonstrated a willingness to sit on the couch and play Xbox if someone else will pay the bills! (See Massachusetts Prenuptial Agreements for what else guys may be doing while the high-earning 50-year-old wife is at work exercising her power.)

And, finally, what do readers think about the SpaceX launch? Back in 2011, at least, it was said that SpaceX was spending only about 1/10th as much as if NASA had run the program (source).

12 thoughts on “Men willing to place risky business bets are also more likely to generate complaints by women?

  1. On SpaceX and yesterday’s Falcon Heavy launch, We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy! 🙂

    A US private company now has the biggest operational heavy lift rocket in the world, and in about 4 years they could have the biggest operational rocket in history and an interplanetary space transport system. Their cost per kg to orbit is even cheaper than the rockets available from China!

    SpaceX is standing on the work of giants like Korolev, Van Braun, Glushkov, Kuznetsov and others. But they did manage to get the price down to a low level.

    It would be good if Blue Origin gets the New Glen and New Armstrong rockets going and give SpaceX some competition, because it looks like Boeing and the UAS with the SLS will not be able to compete. China maybe able to get something competitive in the future, their future economy should be able to support a good space program. Russia is basically out of the long term game, their economy and growth is just not at the required level. It would be interesting if somebody like Jack Ma of Alibaba put together a team in China to develop a private space program.

    NASA should stick to unmanned space probes and pushing space science, and let the private companies deal with getting things to orbit and between the planets.

    The competition between SpaceX, Blue Origin and UAS could potentially bring back excitement to the space program that we have not seen since the 1960’s.

    Bringing the cost down to manageable levels is the key to becoming a interplanetary species. This will create economic opportunities that we cannot predict.

    Welcome to the new world!

  2. Yesterday’s SpaceX launch just proves Elon Musk isn’t a real “car guy”. He gets rid of his old sports car, and the new driver does more miles in one day than Elon did in years of ownership…

  3. Watch that 43 min video of SpaceX heavy rocket launch and at 34 min into the video they show what appears to be the team that worked on the project. Look real hard and tell me how many women you see in that crowd. You also see the same crowd at 22:30.

  4. Slightly OT but since you mentioned CEOs and sex:
    The Steve Wynn resignation is by far the most absurd so far! This guy has sex with an employee, employee gets upset, employee then gets paid 7.5 big ones to not be upset anymore and Wynn has to quit…13 years later.
    I’m lost.

  5. The strangest thing with all the harassment is one call to the cops ends the problem. Yet these gals won’t dare involve the cops. I guess they’re smart enough to understand that a call to the cops would end the problem, thus also end the decades long years of “abuse” they will ultimately be paid for in gold.

  6. Musk probably only got those rocket contracts because of affirmative action for African-Americans. Maybe if we had more gender pay equity for moms taking maternity leave, we could have had an even better female rocket company.

    For some insights into Musk, and for differences between male and female attitude, see this rant from his first wife.

    It seems clear that Musk could not both achieve his ambitions and appease his wife.

  7. There is also the possibility that the CEO had no interest in sex with your friend, but was merely testing her for some reason, or just making conversion. Yes, people do that all the time. Especially people in power.

  8. A good solution for all the horrible and inhumane conduct that are brought into light by the #metoo rampage is to make all kind of sexual interactions illegal and punishable by death, unless the act is performed under the keen eyes of 12 supervisors. Also, no jury and no judge are required for sentencing, the social media will do perfectly. So, first the 12 supervisors are randomly selected from midst of the general public, then the two people who wish to copulate enter to the arena and both swear an oath, hand on the Bible, that they are willing to committing into the … deed. What is the true/real motivation behind the #metoo? To draw the attention away from the horrible, barbaric, brutal sadistic sexual attacks against women, girls and children that are nowadays the norm everywhere except in the Visegrad countries.

    The SpaceX launch was only a test launch, they could have used just rocks but the Tesla there was a nice marketing gimmick. Of course the rocket launches are so much cheaper for them, they are (mostly) using the proven technology and launchpad designed and provider by NASA and the payloads have not been nearly as precious as they were when NASA was launching those Falcons therefore they can cut a lot of corners here and there.

  9. I’ve just thought up the new subtext for Real World Divorce:

    “Because when you raw dog it with a chick, you are giving her total control of your life for the next 18+ years based on her decisions on whether or nor the she chooses to continue with the pregnancy.”

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