Learning about President Trump at our local public library

Here is a selection from the New Books shelf at our local public library:

The titles:

  • Semitism: Being Jewish in American in the Age of Trump, by one of the Washington editors for the New York Times (let’s hope that he is not so extreme as to advocate that Americans Jews actually observe Judaism)
  • It’s Even Worse Than You Think: What the Trump Administration is Doing to America (by a NYT journalist)
  • The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, by 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts (safe to assume that they found a mixture of Republicans and Democrats to query?)

5 thoughts on “Learning about President Trump at our local public library

  1. Fake News, Fakes Libraries, it doesn’t matter. The Donald wins anyway. People who is on the Fake News train are never going to vote for the guy. People who are Trump Americans will always vote for the guy. People in the middle are not going to go to the library to read an anti-Trump book and they look at CNN the same way as they look at the National Enquirer.

    They way this is going, Democrats are going to win idiot California or communist Massachusetts by a greater margin. But 50.1% or 75% is exactly the same number of electoral votes.

  2. @Philg: Was that the only items on display under “New Books” shelf? If so, I have issues with it and so should the general public and the ACLU need to jump on it. A public library has NO right to display under “New Books” shelf what it *think* is worthy of showing.

  3. George: There are a lot of books published so of course the library has to select what they think will appeal to community members. And then I admit to doing some personal selection from the roughly 100 books classified as “new” 🙂

  4. I will say that the librarians did not choose to purchase any pro-Trump books! A book titled “Achievements of the Donald Trump Administrations” or “How the Trump Corporate Tax Cuts Boosted the U.S. Economy” would be unlikely to get selected based on my research! But maybe there are no pro-Trump books out there? Nobody can find 250 pages of praise for the man? As noted in a previous blog post, Bill Clinton’s ambassador to Morocco said that the Trump Admin had done a much better job in the Middle East, e.g., opposing ISIS, than the Obama Admin. But that’s maybe only 10 pages.

  5. Ann Coulter will ghost write one since Bill O’Reilly has been defrocked. She just needs a few days in social justice rehab to get her voice back. The same 12.5 percent will buy it. 12.5 percent of 150 million adults is a lot of books. Hell, maybe we need to write it right here. I can do Chapter One: “Preparing to Run: Paying Off All My Strange on the Side and Obtaining Ironclad NDA’s”. I think that framing might appeal to both street guys and media celebs, get a few sales outside the deplorables..

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