The Millionaires for Obama swap puzzles

From our town mailing list…

We just finished a 1000 piece puzzle and would like to trade it for another puzzle. You have one you are ready to give away?

Our puzzle is: Nevertheless She Persisted. A collage of sketches of women in history with some quotes.

The puzzle is great for folks with various skill and interest levels.
I worked on the easy colorful parts, and the more determined members of the family tackled the quite challenging background spaces.

Let me know if you?ve got a puzzle to trade…


8 thoughts on “The Millionaires for Obama swap puzzles

  1. Couldn’t afford an apartment big enough for that puzzle. Surely there’s a way to simulate assembling a physical jigsaw puzzle on a $50 phone, which is just as engaging as what liberal homeowners experience.

  2. Always seemed to me that putting together jigsaw puzzles was a particularly witless use of time, so what do you expect?

  3. Yesterday Adult coloring books and today 1000 piece Adult jigsaw puzzles!

    It would seem like the world has regressed intellectually, but
    a) I have never seen a straight adult male carefully color in his personal adult coloring book
    b) almost all of the Amazon reviewers for these products have female-sounding names

    Just some observations…

    • You may not have noticed the word family near the end of the email. It’s likely that the puzzle was an activity that parents and kids did together.

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