Follow our ground school at MIT via the miracle of streaming video

If you’re not happy with the latest from Netflix and Amazon you’ll love our MIT Ground School course, streaming in real time and on-demand:

Experienced pilots: Start with “Day 1-PM” from the on-demand menu and then scroll to 2:13 for a lecture on F-22 flight controls.

Today was the end of Day 1. We’re also running tomorrow and Thursday.

4 thoughts on “Follow our ground school at MIT via the miracle of streaming video

  1. Wow – that’s probably the best thing I have watched in a long long time! Mostly talking about the F-22 talk lol, but Philip your performance was good too!

    It’s such a pleasure to listen to one of America’s finest providing detailed info into one of our most important weapon systems. It’s exciting to think too about the systems in the development pipeline that we will only get to see a number of years from now. It will be wonderful to hear what stories Laz and the other Edwards elite have to tell then.

    Thank you for putting this together and providing the video for those of us who didn’t make it.

  2. Head already exploded with the question about color coding the control towers. Suspect people take a discovery flight thinking it’s just stick & throttle, then human nature causes them to accept the overhead of all the other stuff even though it’s not what they bargained for. Definitely better left to full time airline employees.

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