5 thoughts on “Pictures from a 2016 visit to Notre Dame

  1. This heartbroken French muslim loves Notre-Dame (or Notre-Madame, as I used to call it as a kid). The roof and spire that were destroyed is not the original but 19th century additions by Viollet-le-Duc, the architect that did much to repair France’s heritage. Fortunately some of the most holy relics in Christendom from the treasure room were rescued as well. The big question mark is how much damage was done to the stained glass windows and the great organ.

  2. The cathedral was featured in several classic works of western literature and occupies noticeable place in western consciousness. Hope it will be quickly and well restored.

  3. Notre Dame should be rebuilt slowly and carefully. Interested to see how they will preserve the site while investigating and planning reconstruction. I’m expecting a pressurized dome similar to what has been done for US football stadiums in the US. #domethedame

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