Supercharged ionized alkaline water too pure to be tested by pH strips

The only thing that our neighbors love more than spending $250,000/resident-learner on a new school building is expressing contempt for stupid Republicans and their “anti-Science” attitudes.

What is the beverage of choice for these folks who consider themselves highly intelligent and experts on science? As evidenced by what sells well enough at the town supermarket to merit endcap marketing:

9 thoughts on “Supercharged ionized alkaline water too pure to be tested by pH strips

  1. Is it supercharged like a Rolls Royce Merlin or a Packard V-1650, because it sounds like a lot of hot air to me? Aside: Jay Leno has a Merlin shoehorned into a fine Rolls Royce motor car. Here he is with Gale Banks on a test run…Banks knows a few things about turbocharging and supercharging. I wonder if he drinks that stuff?

    Maybe it refers to the cost, i.e., folks are being “Super Charged” for it? because at $5.78 a gallon ($2.29 / 1.5 liter ~= $5.78 / gallon) plus tax, it’s more expensive than any automotive pump gas or even Jet-A anywhere in the US ( We’re in luck, though, because it’s about a buck per gallon less than Sunoco E98 Race Fuel ($375 = 54 gallon drum) which is mostly (93-97%) ethanol, but you definitely shouldn’t drink it.

    Maybe instead of a pH strip, people should test Essentiawater at the drag strip.

  2. Intellectuals splurging on “supercharged ionized alkaline water”?
    Just like Energizer bunnies?
    That’s kinda fancy. What’s wrong with dehydrated water, cheap and plentiful?

    • It’s fancy all right. Alkaline anything is big money right now. Tom Brady, Beyoncé and Miranda Kerr know. I’ve thought about outdoing them by taking some sort of acid and making it alkaline when it’s metabolized. Wizardry? Not really. I figure if I can make enough lemon juice and add sugar to it, with a pinch of baking soda plus some other trace minerals that are already in the water, I can sell it as a sports drink. I’m going to call it “Lemonade”. What do you think?

      By the way, Steven Wright once bought some powdered water but didn’t know what to add to it.

    • As you noted yourself, marketing is the key. Firstly, “lemonade” is likely patented, so you should try harder. Be inventive, be bold! How about LemonMate or perhaps LimoMaid? (My inspiration comes from a Chinese sneaker brand Nice.)

      Secondly, acid is crucial, I agree. There is a great future in plastics^H^H^H I meant acid. Acid is in the news, acid is in the air, acid is in the bloodstream. But it all depends on what kind of acid. Did you know that you can cut your customers’ dissatisfaction by choosing the right acid? Try the hydrochloric acid today and see your verified customers’ complaints go to zero overnight.

      Best of luck with your business endeavors!

  3. Was wondering about physics of keeping ionized water charged. Decided not to do experiments and refer to sources. Apparently and as I thought ” water from an ionizer is best if consumed directly from the ionizer immediately after producing it.” And “Plastic should be used as a last resort. The only plastic bottles you should ever use should be made from certified BPA-free plastic. Even when using this type of bottle, you are not guaranteed that your bottle will not leach other types of chemicals into your drinking water. Therefore, I would stay away from plastic bottles, if at all possible.”

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