Artificial Intelligence and commercial sex purportedly intersect

For anyone who knew Marvin, “AI pioneer accused of having sex with trafficking victim on Jeffrey Epstein’s island” is a surprise.

Apparently Jeffrey Epstein was using some of the money that he stole to run Templeton Foundation-style scientific gatherings in the Caribbean (funded with money that John Templeton earned and then skipped paying taxes on by renouncing his U.S. citizenship and relocating to the Bahamas). A woman now says that, as a 17-year-old, she was paid to have sex with the then-73-year-old Marvin Minsky at one of these gatherings. (There does not seem to be any evidence the Marvin ever left the mainland U.S. to hang out with Epstein, though.)

In the 40+ years that I saw Marvin, at his office, at his home, and at conferences, he never once took notice of a young woman or commented on the appearance of a woman. He was simply not very interested in matters of the flesh.

On a more practical level, if Marvin had wanted to have sex with 17-year-olds, he could have done so legally in Massachusetts, in which the age of consent is 16. (Prostitution per se is illegal in Massachusetts, but it wouldn’t be illegal for an older person to supply a young sex partner with gifts of jewelry, housing, transportation, vacation trips, etc. (though the real money would be in a pregnancy followed by harvesting the unlimited child support cash available under Massachusetts law)) There were also quite a few graduate students who had sexual relationships with successful academics and, lo and behold, found that the path to a tenure-track professorship was wide open. There was never any hint or rumor around Marvin of a sex-for-career-advancement exchange (or any other kind of affair).

Ever since Stormy Daniels dominated the mainstream media, I guess it isn’t surprising that people whose job is having sex in exchange for money are newsworthy. But if they’re claiming that they were paid to have sex with those who are deceased, and there is no evidence to support these claims, should reporters be broadcasting these tales? This is the first one about someone that I know personally and it rings false.


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  1. I have one of Minsky’s popular books. Check the Amazon blurb:

    “Marvin Minsky — one of the fathers of computer science and cofounder of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT — gives a revolutionary answer to the age-old question: “How does the mind work?”

    For what my Peanut Gallery opinion is worth, I don’t believe Minsky would have been stupid enough to commit any crimes, and I agree with you that I don’t think ever would have, but bringing his name into this thing posthumously is a direct shot at MIT and everything he ever accomplished. He’s a man! He was “one of the fathers.” Men who are fathers are being systematically purged.

  2. What happened to Believe All Women? If she said thy had sex, she must be right.
    Here is what worries me most: is Marvin Minsky really a Trump supporter? Who could have guessed?

    I am pretty sure that the girl might recall having an illegal sex with you know who: all that is needed to refresh her memory is a Patreon account or at least a wealthy individual willing to support her through the challenging times. Oh, wait.. At least she’s not 17 anymore, she can open her own account alright.

    • By the way Stormy would have done very well with her billboard advertisements (I saw one in northern NJ) and the rest of the work she does all around the country in the sex trade (great tits!) had not Avenatti disregarded the Peter Principle trying to extort Nike. Boies was the ton of bricks that showed Avenatti just how close he flew to the sun. Loser!

      Dershowitz vs. Boies is going to be interesting for anyone who still cares about such things. I don’t. They’re all corrupt and totally amoral, and I think Boies is going to win against old Dersh, by the way. But maybe Dershowitz has some tricks up his sleeve.

    • Minsky is dead so nobody knows what he believed except for his published works and his intellectual legacy at MIT, which is now in jeopardy. I expect MIT to renounce him soon. Since anyone can be redefined posthumously according to the temper of the times, that’s how history works. I’ve asked at least a dozen people recently if they know who Marvin Minsky was, and none of them have a clue aside from the media reports. He’s whoever wins. Period the end. Maybe he was gay? Maybe Philip never met him. Maybe he didn’t do anything other than be associated in a document with Epstein.

      All this stuff is a very pointed and directed propaganda war. I’ve said before and I believe it now that almost everything we see is propaganda. We’re in a “post-truth” world and nobody understands anything. Minsky will be framed, and even if his estate decides to fight it with a libel lawsuit nobody will notice and it certainly won’t be covered.

      I don’t expect MIT to defend him, either. He’s gone.

  3. You don’t “skip” US taxes by renouncing citizenship — your assets are grossed up and you pay taxes as if you sold them on a specific date — so when you leave all possible future taxes on what you own as of that date have been paid. Unless you believe that if you are born in the US the government has a property right in you and your earnings until you die — regardless of the fact that you did not choose to be born in the US. The Soviet Union had this view of citizenship, which is why, e.g., the freedom of Soviet Jews who wanted to leave had to be bought by others with money.

  4. Epstein is in witness protection, once I saw him on the gurney I said to myself, he is probably in Canada.

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