Shanghai has already accomplished what will take Californians more than 4 years

I’m planning a trip to Shanghai, November 13-24.

From the Okura Garden web site:

In accordance with the Shanghai municipal environment regulations, unless requested by staying hotel guest, the hotel no longer proactively provides single-use toiletry amenities such as toothbrush, comb, razor, nail file and shoe mitt from July 1st, 2019. If you have further inquiry please contact the hotel’s guest services.

I think this proves my theory that it will be the Chinese who will save Planet Earth. Californians will need until 2024 to achieve this goal (previous post).

Separately, who wants to get together in Shanghai, Suzhou, or Hangzhou?

What about hotels? Okura Garden comes up as “best value” in the booking engines. Is it better to stay right on the Bund? I will be visiting NYU Shanghai across the river, but mostly hitting all of the tourist sites, museums, etc.

(Airfares to China show the absurd lack of competition for domestic travel. The basic fare plus tax from Boston to Shanghai, 14+ hours of flight time, is $590 (United, with a connection) or $640 (Hainan, nonstop).)

8 thoughts on “Shanghai has already accomplished what will take Californians more than 4 years

  1. If you use Google maps, keep in mind that the satellite view is (intentionally, due to Communist paranoia) offset from the map view so nothing is where it is supposed to be.

  2. Complimentary comments about CCCP, no matter how farfetched, a great way to avoid prison or being disappeared. Don’t let the snark out till you leave their airspace.

  3. I confirmed your pricing and then reposted it my Facebook. Interestingly I got this response: “Mica Cataletto It actually reflects the losses Airlines are taking at present on routes to Asia. They don’t want to lose the route because new President, new foreign policy could be made within the next year. However rather than continue to lose money on those routes, they set a price that might move.” Mica’s really smart so I suspect she’s got something here.

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