United Premier 1K members warn us about the climate emergency

“World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency is signed by 11,258 scientists worldwide.

Let’s have a look at principal author Thomas Newsome’s conference papers, indicating travel from his Sydney, Australia base. In 2018 alone, he visited at least Cleveland, Minneapolis, Brisbane, and Hobart. How about principal author Phoebe Barnard? In addition to organizing and attending conferences around the world, she splits her time among Namibia, South Africa, and the U.S.

When will the climate emergency become so dire that these authors decide to use Skype rather than take transcontinental airline trips every few months?

Related only in the reference to United Premier 1K:

2 thoughts on “United Premier 1K members warn us about the climate emergency

  1. I asked the same of one of Al Gore’s minions on a flight back from Sao Paulo back in 2007. She was there to convince the Brasilian government to cut carbon emissions. She didn’t have an answer.

  2. It’s easy to see the efforts of these scientists as a small carbon expense with a great return on investment.

    You know what GHG expense won’t see a similar climate ROI? All the travel and economic activity that’s part of the Olympics. That would be a great place to start reducing.

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