Charity idea: Raspberry Pi to Oaxaca for Kids on Computers

My personal favorite charity (after the Clinton Foundation, of course), is Kids on Computers, which sets up labs in public schools. They are headed to Oaxaca, Mexico in December and if you want an end-of-year tax deduction as well as the satisfaction of helping out, you can send a Raspberry Pi straight from Amazon to Oaxaca (Amazon added shipping and an import duty reserve so my bill for one worked out to $114.)

If you want to do some networking and setup while in one of the world’s most beautiful and historic places, try to jump on as a volunteer!


5 thoughts on “Charity idea: Raspberry Pi to Oaxaca for Kids on Computers

  1. A Raspberry Pi is … a circuit board. It still needs a case, screen, power supply, memory card, keyboard, mouse and some cables before it becomes what most of us would identify as a useful computer.

    By the time you’ve purchased all those parts, you might be better off doing what US schools do and spend a similar amount of $$ on a low-end Chromebook, which is ready to use out of the box.

  2. Mexicans aren’t poor. They can afford cheap computers no problem.

    What’s with all the telescopic philanthropy. There are Americans who need dental work and legit can’t afford it.

  3. Did you just send a bare bones Pi 3 that normally costs $35 for $114? How much import duty is there on a fellow NAFTA country?

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