Donald Trump is making a huge financial sacrifice by serving as president?

In my review of the Trump Hotel, D.C.:

Given that the intensity of Trump hatred among Democrats is much stronger than the intensity of Trump love among Republicans, I wonder if the narrative that Trump hotels are getting a boost in business from his presidency is false. Maybe there are some folks who think it is fun to be a Trump customer and perhaps there are some foreigners who think that Trump will do their bidding if they are regular guests. But these have to be outweighed by those who want to demonstrate their virtue by never setting foot in a Trump-named enterprise again.

The same journalists who previously attacked Trump for getting rich off the Presidency are now gleefully reporting that his hotels are suffering losses are a result of his political prominence, e.g., “Trump Tower Chicago Hotel is Losing Money Hand Over Fist” (Vanity Fair):

In addition to the Chicago property, business at Trump Doral in Miami is also reportedly in “steep decline,” which a tax consultant hired by the Trump Organization attributed to the “negative connotation…associated with the brand.” The company has also lost contracts with hotels in Manhattan and Toronto. And in a sign that even people inside the family business know the name is dragging down profits, virtually every mention of “Trump” has been stripped from two Central Park ice rinks. Earlier this year, the Trump Organization, which declined to comment on its financial woes, attempted to blame the money situation in the Windy City on “the perceived threat of gun violence,” despite the fact that no other competitors have suffered a similar decline. “Among the hotel community in Chicago, everyone is aware of the relative underperformance of the Trump hotel over the last two to three years,” analyst Michael Bellisario told the Post at the time.

Will it turn out that the Trump family was actually the most altruistic ever to go into American politics?

7 thoughts on “Donald Trump is making a huge financial sacrifice by serving as president?

  1. > Will it turn out that the Trump family was actually the most altruistic ever to go into American politics?

    Only if he knew ahead of time how his bizarre behaviors in office would so dramatically reduce his brand.

    I admit he could have predicted how he would be attacked, but Russia-gate, and now his Ukraine impeachment have largely been self-owns (firing Comey against advice, making such a stupid phone call, …)

    Otherwise, had he a halfway decent term as President, it would all be great publicity and branding for his hotels after he left office

  2. The Trump Hotel in DC and the ice skating rink in NYC are both tributes to Trump’s ability to accomplish things, unlike most US politicians. The Trump hotel was built out of the decrepit “old post office” in DC, which had been an eyesore for decades with a dismal food court, popular with government workers, in the basement. As for the ice skating rink, after many years of corrupt and incompetent efforts, the City was unable to fix an ice skating rink! Enter the Donald.
    But we Americans prefer that our politicians are cool looking, have an intriguing life style, stand up for the rights of this and that group, are respected by the news media, rather than competent — so long as they have a plan, are gay, etc. who really cares if they can get anything done?

  3. Altruism implies a motivation to give freely, of which there’s no evidence.

    DT ran every business he ever ran in to the ground, so without knowing his net worth pre-Presidency it would be tough to know if he’s up or down on this venture.

    Is anyone else in the Trump Family “in politics” given none of them have run for any elected (or even Congressionally approved) positions?

    • Donald Trump’s trail of bankruptcies is a clear sign that he is a really big supporter of the progressive agenda and not a friend of capitalism. Trump for President!

  4. Trump was famous for borrowing ungodly amounts for their time & using the power of the falling dollar to emerge richer than before. He’s doing the same now with the treasury.

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