A friend visiting Hawaii found this on his phone on March 20:

Looks as though her family’s potential exposure to coronavirus is higher than might be expected by the husband/wife/whatever else she might be married to.

Time for an emergency order to shut down all dating/hookup sites? Even with “shelter in place” orders, people on their way to meet new friends can simply say “I was headed to the grocery store,” right?

[Let’s assume that the spouse is a “husband.” What if the man wants to cut his coronarisk? If he’s typically at work earning to support the family while the wife is with her new friends, suing this “mom with a chunky mom bod” will be pretty costly under Hawaii family law.]


4 thoughts on “Coronatinder

  1. Phil: that last au pair link got me thinking: how does this au pair thing, with the institutionalised gender- and sex- discrimination it entails, still stand in this day and age ?!? Never heard of any male au pairs, I wonder if the rules even allow it ?

    Hopefully our social justice betters get around to fighting this injustice soon. I, for one, can only encourage courageous persons to courageously identify as female and apply as au pairs.

  2. Still have yet to meet anyone on Tinder, after 6 years. Easy to believe in the chunky body part, though. The world’s only real dating service, sessiongirls, seems to have gone to only selling videos.

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