Deplatforming Coronaplague Heretics

Amazon has an advertising affiliate program. There is an easy way to get deplatformed that is highlighted in red at the top of the page:

As a reminder, we ask all of our associates to exercise good judgment when covering COVID-19 and refer readers to the CDC website for accurate information. For more information, see the FTC’s guidance around Coronavirus claims. As a reminder, advertising with unsubstantiated claims is a violation of law and a violation of the Operating Agreement and may result in account closure, including withholding fees.

Here’s a partial screen shot:

Soo… you can disagree with the official CDC line (which one though? “Don’t wear a mask” or “wear a mask”?), but your ad-supported web site will become a charity project.


5 thoughts on “Deplatforming Coronaplague Heretics

  1. As Roger Zakheim noted during his conversation with Jeff Bezos at the Reagan National Defense Forum, Amazon is more trusted by the general public than any other large organization / institution — including the U.S. military — and they intend to keep it that way.

    There’s a price to pay for doing business with everyone. If you want to leverage Amazon’s power for your own benefit, you give up some degree of editorial freedom in exchange. At least they don’t require people to link to the WHO.

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