4 thoughts on “Happy Cinco de Mayo from Mindy

  1. Speaking of Cincos, how about Cinco G? I don’t know whether Mindy the Crippler cares very much about 5G technology, but this article argues that China has already won the war, that Huawei is here to stay, and will control the landscape of telecommunication technology across the globe for years to come. Has China vanquished us already? Are we too addled by the coronaplague and our own flat-footedness to do anything other than wave the white flag?


    “The challenge posed by an ascendant, increasingly global juggernaut championed and backed by our primary geopolitical rival — Huawei — is real, if at times overstated,” wrote Doug Brake, who directs broadband and spectrum policy for Washington, DC-based think tank Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, in a policy paper published last April 27. “Next-generation wireless equipment is connective tissue for emerging applications such as artificial intelligence and automated smart-city controls. It makes little sense to allow control of such important infrastructure to be influenced by a government that does not have US interests at heart.”

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