Reddit stuffs the gender critical feminists into the Memory Hole : shows that, as June 26, the discussion group had 64,400 members:

As advertised, they are hostile to an Ask Me About My Pronouns T-Shirt.

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Feminism is the movement to liberate women from patriarchy. We stand up for the rights of women to control our own bodies as individuals and to control women-only spaces as a class.

Women are adult human females. We do not believe that men can become women by ‘feeling’ like women. We do not condone the erasure of females and female-only spaces, the silencing of critical thinking, the denial of biological reality and of sex-based oppression. We oppose the ‘cotton ceiling’ and the pressure on lesbians to have sex with men. We resist efforts to limit women’s reproductive autonomy. We condemn the men who exploit and abuse women in prostitution and pornography.

“Women do not decide at some point in adulthood that they would like other people to understand them to be women, because being a woman is not an ‘identity.’ Women’s experience does not resemble that of men who adopt the ‘gender identity’ of being female or being women in any respect. The idea of ‘gender identity’ disappears biology and all the experiences that those with female biology have of being reared in a caste system based on sex.” – Sheila Jeffreys, Gender Hurts

Reddit has deleted nearly seven years of content by this community. I asked a friend who considers herself a TERF whether this forum was, in fact, hate-filled. Her answer:

No, the mods were exacting about following the rules. Couldn’t call people trannies, etc. Purely political decision. They still left all the porn subreddits up so it clearly wasn’t about anything other than clamping down on terfs.

The server grabbed the front page of the forum, but not the actual content. So those of us who were not participants in the community can never know whether they were haters or not. Some of the older threads do seem to be available. Samples:

Transgenderism does seem to be winning the war, if indeed there was anyone other than a few terfs to fight against. Walking into a Target recently, for example, the very first display for all shoppers is of LGBTQIA+-themed products:

(the gender critical feminists might not be pleased to learn that a trans woman is more “authentic” than a cisgender woman!)

Near the pharmacy, Johnson & Johnson talks about its “championing” of all matters LGBTQIA (but not “plus”!) and offers rainbow-wrapped Listerine, sunscreen, etc.:

Companies usually like to avoid actual political controversy. Why lose nearly half your customers by saying “We at GreedCo prefer Candidate X”? There are some dramatic differences between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, for example, but how many Fortune 500 companies have endorsed either one? The only time that a company would be willing to alienate customers is on an issue where there are hardly any people who strongly oppose the position being taken. From this, therefore, it seems reasonable to infer that, at least since 2011 when Johnson & Johnson decided it was safe to come out of the closet, there is no significant opposition to LGBTQIA advocacy.

I wonder if this sanitizing of the Internet by Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, et al. will actually work against those who advocate for the causes that are now held sacred and to which no opposition can be voiced. Once all of the terfs are silenced, for example, and there is no record that they ever existed because old content is in a memory hole, wouldn’t that cause people to ask an advocate for transgenderism “Who exactly are you fighting against?”


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  1. The Selina Soule & Alanna Smith Stories. One state over. Soule doesn’t call herself a TERF, she’s just a female high school athlete who wants to compete against other female athletes, not biological males.

    “At the 2019 Indoor Track & Field State Championships, Selina finished one place away from qualifying for finals, and the opportunity to compete for a qualifying spot at the New England Regional Championships in the 55-meter dash. The first and second spots in the race were taken by two male athletes. But this wasn’t just a disappointment for Selina. It meant she had to sit on the sidelines instead of competing in front of college scouts!”

    Not yet deplatformed from YouTube, 3.7 million+ views.

  2. > The only time that a company would be willing to alienate customers is on an issue where there are hardly any people who strongly oppose the position being taken.

    I partially disagree. Companies are more willing to do this now not just because they’ve effectively silenced or intimidated people who aren’t as courageous as Selena Soule and Alanna Smith, not to mention the 64k+ people in the GenderCritical subreddit. They’re doing it because Nancy Pelosi wants to enshrine it in law. They are being proactive, and they anticipated the recent supreme court decision in Bostock v. Clayton County.

    Samuel Alito is correct:
    ““Justice [Samuel] Alito noted in his dissent that this could be a big problem and if the Bostock decision is taken to its natural conclusion, that could have a devastating impact on women’s sports,”

    Here’s the full text of the Equality Act:

    “It’s about fairness. It’s about America.” – Nancy Pelosi

    Only in Nancy’s “fair” America will you see something like Reddit throwing the entire contents of a 7-year long community discussion of 64,000+ people into the memory hole, but it’s just the beginning of her “fairness.”

    “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” – S.G. Tallentyre (nom de plume of Evelyn Beatrice Hall) – The Friends of Voltaire.

  3. The left is eating the left for not being year zero enough. Cool. For all the kids that don’t really care but pretend to agree it will not get you eaten last. You are on the menu. Radical feminists aren’t left enough to stay on the internet, no way you can play along with that charade. When they demand you voice an opinion tell them the truth.

  4. Neutrogena is actually my favourite sunscreen, and I’ve tried many many brands. It’s effective without any chemical smells or skin irritations. Sadly it seems like they’ve given into the looney left mob. I’ll never buy it again if it’s in a rainbow package.

  5. I used to think Richard Stallman was crazy and partly responsible for desktop linux’s failure to gain market share. I now understand his point about computers being extensions of ourselves and therefore the importance of open software.

    People spent time and creativity on posts that will now be lost to history. It’s especially upsetting with the_donald. The moderators said they have a backup website in case of this scenario but I haven’t seen it online hopefully all the memes were saved.

  6. How about the two foreign CEOs running Coke and Verizon telling us we have to police your hate speech?

    When we all know, hate speech is Pro Trump speech.

  7. Come to think of it, I don’t even know whether someone on the GenderCritical subreddit could have a debate about one of the lines from Dynamic Itemset Counting and Implication Rules for Market Basket Data (Brin, Motwani, Ullman, Tsur):

    Implication: “Men don’t give birth” Conviction: Infinity.

    Not anymore.

    Top listing: The Dad Who Gave Birth, from the Guardian, April 2019.

    So presumably, even a discussion or debate about that paper could have gotten someone kicked off Reddit.

  8. Wonder if Biden is going to outlaw BSDM & enforce strict christian patriarchy. Dominating men is the peak of the hate.

  9. I went to the Defund-The-Police”/BLM/BlackTransLivesMatter occupation” of New York City’s City Hall yesterday. It got cleared out today. Some observations:

    They weren’t really on City Hall grounds, but on a large pedestrian plaza next to City Hall.

    The demographic was three-quarters white college-age students, two-thirds of them female, and a good one third of those females were “non-binary” types (sort of what used to be called a bull dyke, only less muscle and more fat.) and fairly conservatively dressed. The remaining females were dressed in short shorts and halter tops. Nary a bra in sight.

    The remaining one-quarter of the crowd was black. Half of these looked like young black men on the make and the rest were mostly crazy and homeless. A fair amount of transgender male to females of all colors There were a handful of aging white hippie types, like me. Lots of weed.

    As you entered the area, organizers were encouraging people to wear masks, but inside the area mask usage was lax. You can’t wear a mask when eating the free food or sharing a doobie. One guy trying to take a video was hounded by a phalanx of sign wavers demanding he get comsent to photograph (in a public space).

    DJs playing music but not much dancing. A teach-in on the police budget presented lots of solid line item numbers, with the analysis being that all spending on police was bad.

    It was a big Black Trans Lives Matter vibe, with few actual black transgenders.

    Like Occupy Wall Street, a few years ago, it was appalling to anyone with a modicum of decency. It was mostly bored college kids looking to hook up.

    This is the new sexuality, divorced from biological reality. It is ugly and dangerous to children. The benign notion of a tomboy is being replaced by something sinister. There is a lot of money to be made by destroying the traditional family and the traditional sex-based roles of male father and female mother. What the family did well for little money is replaced by government and merchant services. One absent father means employment for a lot of social workers.

    a couplet:
    brought to yoy by Chevrolet

    thanks for giving me a space to vent.

    • i’ve gone to a few protests and viewed several online. they were nothing like you describe. we’re stomping out the white supremacist freemason cops. not going away. *especially* when we regroup at home. that’s when the pen is mightiest. 🙂

    • @C**kStomper: There’s some hope for you yet. Remember to to say “Hi!” to Dr. Montague and Nurse Diesel in the Psychotic Game Room. Unfortunately, the rate of recovery in the classroom is much higher than it is in real life, but they’ll do their absolute best for you. Don’t be late to dinner or you will not get your fruit cup, and do try to keep the noise down in the evening.

  10. Restricting the range of consciousness. The GenderCritical women should read it.

    “The fear of being cut off from a major public square at the whim of a malevolent force is very real, and it reinforces the urge to conform and adapt. It is a very human quality to want to belong, and this instinctual desire gave rise to Western civilization.

    What has been our greatest strength is now being weaponized against us.” – Carpe Donktum, May 25, 2019.

  11. Good article. For what it’s worth, Selina Soule collaborates with radfems (terfs) all the time. We love her! Good to see women and girls from all perspectives working together.

  12. the gc sub banned me for being too radical-feminist, and not a few weeks later, they’re gone. i feel vindicated. that’s happening more and more often these days. 🙂

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