Priority for Students of Color in returning to public K-12 school

From the Educrats in Washington State: Reopening Washington
Schools 2020 District Planning Guide
. The phrase “students of color” occurs six times.

Good news for Rachel Dolezal: white students will be home driving parents crazy while “students of color” will enjoy in-person instruction and socializing with other students.

If that isn’t specific enough, “Prioritize face-to-face service for students that are most impacted by the loss of in-person services, including: … Students of color”

(“intersectionality” is involved, which presumably is a positive for the job market for PhDs in comparative victimhood)

I wonder if this is another good example of what Sweden has gained by just giving the finger to the coronavirus. Sweden isn’t pitting families of different skin colors against each other in competing for scarce slots in public schools.

Also, is this another example of a Constitutional right that Americans have lost due to the governor-declared emergencies? The Fourteenth Amendment was used to require school integration because of the Equal Protection Clause. How can states re-segregate their schools in light of the Supreme Court’s interpretation of this clause?


  • “N.Y.C. Schools, Nation’s Largest District, Will Not Fully Reopen in Fall” (NYT): Classroom attendance in September will be limited to only one to three days a week in an effort to continue to curb the outbreak, the mayor said. … The decision to opt for only a partial reopening, which is most likely the only way to accommodate students in school buildings while maintaining social distancing, may hinder hundreds of thousands of parents from returning to their pre-pandemic work lives, undermining the recovery of the sputtering local economy. [Wouldn’t the parents be better off moving to a state with (a) fully open schools, and (b) good Internet connectivity?]
  • “Research Shows Students Falling Months Behind During Virus Disruptions” (NYT): “When all of the impacts are taken into account, the average student could fall seven months behind academically, while black and Hispanic students could experience even greater learning losses, equivalent to 10 months for black children and nine months for Latinos, according to an analysis from McKinsey & Company, the consulting group.”
  • (the UN says that children have the right to go to school, with no exceptions for a powerful teachers union or a state full of Shutdown Karens)

12 thoughts on “Priority for Students of Color in returning to public K-12 school

  1. Creepy seeing segregation gradually returning over the last 40 years, as more institutions discover true integration is not possible. Affirmative action was a kind of benign application of percentages to a total applicant pool. Now, they’ve returned to outright denying access to certain facilities based on skin color, the same as designated drinking fountains.

    • It is interesting that it is apparently legal for the state to run “students-of-color-only schools”. So it is okay to exclude white kids, presumably, and maybe Asians? Would it be legal for the parents of excluded non-“of color” students to set up a private school that excluded students of color? (reasoning that such students would be able to attend the free and lavishly-funded public schools)

      And then what if the school also has its own golf course on which only parents of the white/Asian kids can play? Is that okay?

  2. Student-of-color-#1 to teacher: Why my best friend is not here?!
    Teacher to student-of-color: He/She is being punished for being a student-of-no-color.
    Student-of-color-#1 to teacher: But isn’t that discrimination? And why is he being punished?
    Teacher to student-of-color: Yes. But His/Her great, great, great-grandfather was a rich-white-man who was very bad person for people-with-color. Your best friend is being punished for his great, great, great-grandfather’s sins.
    Student-of-color-#1-#N to teacher: When we grow up and we’re not successful in life because we got poor education in school, can our kids punish your kids for your failure at educating us?

  3. I’m disappointed you didn’t notice the blatant misspelling of “principles” in line two of the Important Message.

  4. I am fascinated by a couple of tidbits:
    “Educational Justice”. Is there a courtroom for this? Does this means someone will get punished? It implies such a zero-sum gain simple minded view as if there’s a bag of knowledge gold and it’s been stolen from it’s rightful owners or something.

    “…could experience even greater learning losses, equivalent to 10 months for black children and nine months for Latinos”. So for five months of shutdown some kids are experiencing a loss of learning at twice the rate of normal time passing. Is this some kind of relativistic educational time warp?

    It’s all so utterly ridiculous but I guess common sense has no place in these decisions (and in fact may be labeled by some as “white supremacist”).

  5. Another question then. If only children of color are allowed into the public schools, and all the children of non-color will have to go to privately funded private schools, does this mean that the parents of non-color children will still be paying taxes to fund the schools of color?

    Seems to me that would be double taxation. Once for a school they can’t send their children to, and a second tax (fee) to pay for the school that they CAN send their children to.

    • James: why call it “double taxation” (bad) when it could be characterized as “reparations” (good)?

  6. So whom will they blame when white and Asian kids still kick academic butt on test scores after being “deprived ” of the dubious benefits of a public school education?😄

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