NASA’s new mission: Inclusion

A friend’s Facebook post from July 23:

NASA today added Inclusion to its set of core values, reminding me, again, why this is the best place to work in government.

Inclusion – NASA is committed to a culture of diversity, inclusion, and equity, where all employees feel welcome, respected, and engaged. To achieve the greatest mission success, NASA embraces hiring, developing, and growing a diverse and inclusive workforce in a positive and safe work environment where individuals can be authentic. This value will enable NASA to attract the best talent, grow the capabilities of the entire workforce, and empower everyone to fully contribute.

Incorporating Inclusion as a NASA core value is an important step to ensuring this principle remains a long-term focus for our agency and becomes ingrained in the NASA family DNA. Together, we can continue to accomplish great things for all of humanity.

There is a new logo/graphic to go with this:

So… making employees feel welcome (why did they run a hostile work environment from 1915 through 2020, more than 100 years?) is now at the same level as “safety” (not killing pilots and passengers on the various rockets, airplanes, and helicopters operated by the agency).

9 thoughts on “NASA’s new mission: Inclusion

  1. This is merely the continuation of a process begun in 2010 (and actually in 2002 with the NO FEAR act, see below) with Executive Order 13583. It’s government-wide, but I don’t know how many other agencies have a specific logo or graphic for it.

    That meant hiring administrators and creating new divisions. Stephen T. Shih is currently the Associate Administrator, Diversity and Equal Opportunity. And there is the “Diversity and Data Analytics Division” and the “Complaints and Programs Division.”

    You can see the stats they’ve compiled since 2002 under the NO FEAR act.

    • I suspect the problem here was not using imperial units or using metric units. I suspect the problem was that someone said, “we’ve been using imperial units all this time and it’s been working fine, but isn’t it about time we switched to the metric system?”

  2. Inshallah, when there is polyamorous gay interracial sex in space, NASA will have achieved its diversity goal!

  3. Not just for NASA, but for everyone who falls into this “inclusion” game.

    Things will really hit the fan when those who advertise “inclusion” are forced to walk-the-talk and start hieing under qualified folks to meet the “inclusion” commitment.

    Imagine if Phil is required to hire under qualified pilots, to meet the “inclusion” requirement. If so, I will be second thinking to use his services.

    What about “inclusion” in sports? Some sports are dominated by Blacks (basketball), some by Whites (hockey), and some by Asians (ping-pong). How did we let this happen? Isn’t the name of the game to win and entertain?

  4. Classic Orwell: “growing a diverse and inclusive workforce in a positive and safe work environment where individuals can be authentic.” With enough policing of micro-aggressions, everyone then can be authentic. Until everyone feels safe to be authentic, totalitarian policing of personal behavior must continually increase!

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