Are folks excited about President Kamala Harris?

Presumably Joe Biden will expire by early 2021, thus turning a vote for Biden into a vote for President Kamala Harris. What are President Harris’s weak and strong points?

From “Political positions of Kamala Harris” (Wikipedia):

As Attorney General of California, Harris denied gender affirmation surgery to transgender inmates, claiming in a state brief that “any “disappointment” Ms. Norsworthy might feel at the denial could be assuaged with psychotherapy.”

Harris opposed California’s ban on affirmative action. She asked the Supreme Court to “reaffirm its decision that public colleges and universities may consider race as one factor in admissions decisions.” Harris filed legal papers in the Supreme Court case supporting race as an admissions factor at the University of Texas. She also filed papers supporting affirmative action in a different Supreme Court case involving the University of Michigan.

So… good news for Victimhood Studies majors who want to get paid to sort the applicant pool at universities by skin color (if they’re all virtual, though, the skin color diversity that is sought can be achieved electronically).

How about immigration, the policy that economists say has the largest effect on the Black Americans whom President Harris promises to assist? (see NBER, for example) From, May 8, 2020:

As president, Kamala will fight to pass immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million people living in our communities and contributing to our economy. While she wages that fight, she will immediately reinstate DACA and expand the program to ensure more DREAMers feel safe and secure in the only country they call home. She’ll protect parents of American citizens and legal permanent residents, as well as other law-abiding immigrants with ties to our communities, from the prospect of deportation. She will also restore and expand Temporary Protected Status for hundreds of thousands of immigrants who would face war or catastrophe if forced to return home.

Kamala also believes we must fundamentally overhaul our immigration enforcement policies and practices—they are cruel and out of control. As president, she’ll close private immigrant detention centers, increase oversight of agencies like Customs and Border Protection, and focus enforcement on increasing public safety, not on tearing apart immigrant families.

For Kamala, this is about making America a place that welcomes immigrants searching for a better life. It’s why she’ll reverse President Trump’s Muslim Ban on Day One and fix the family visa backlog.

Kamala also will immediately change course on President Trump’s disastrous and cruel border strategy. She understands that for many immigrant families, leaving home and arriving at our Southern border is not a choice.

So… open borders for anyone who can recite a tale of abuse.

How about the only issue that Americans care about today? “Kamala Harris says Trump administration made COVID-19 pandemic ‘worse than it had to be’” (KRON)

“My heart aches for those who have lost loved ones to this horrific illness,” she wrote. “As we remember the more than 100,000 people in the United States who we have lost to COVID-19, we must recognize that much of this suffering was preventable and commit to speaking the truth about what we face in the months to come.”

“This administration’s glaring failures made this pandemic worse than it had to be. They downplayed the threat and failed to secure the testing kits, supplies, and personal protective equipment needed to save lives,” she wrote. “The president himself has spread dangerous misinformation and conflicting messages; and has made clear that he is more concerned with deflecting blame and scoring political points than fulfilling his responsibility to protect public health. The Trump administration must start listening to the experts and following the science. Lives depend on it.”

So good news for “scientists” (except the MD/PhDs in Sweden who are “not scientists” and “not experts” and should not be followed; also, don’t follow the Dutch MD/PhDs who say not to wear masks). Also, good news for humans. Under President Harris’s administration, we will get the opportunity to choose how many of us are killed by any given virus, including coronavirus.

From a late February trip (!) to Los Angeles. In the Federal Courthouse, a celebration of African Americans being able to vote. Just outside, a residence occupied by an African American.


24 thoughts on “Are folks excited about President Kamala Harris?

  1. My concern is she is not really qualified for the job. She is not African-American in any meaningful sense of the word. Her mother is Indian and her father is from Jamaica and she doesn’t look the least bit African-American. Shouldn’t we pay a little more attention to what is important rather than these peripheral issues about what her views are on this and that?

    • It does not matter what you think. In MA, e.g., she is legally an AA:

      “it would not matter if Harris had any African descent. A Massachusetts court has held that for affirmative action purposes, at least, one can lawfully claim African-American status if one holds oneself out to be African American and others identify you as such. Malone v. Haley, 2 Mass. Civil Service Rep. 1014 (1990).”

      The problem with Dolezal was that “others” stopped identifying her “as such”. I doubt that the “others” that matter will do the same to Harris.

  2. Toucan Sam is very excited! Was it over a year and a half ago Toucan predicted right here on this site that Trump will beat the Biden/Harris ticket? Maybe Phil can search through the archives to provide an exact date! Toucan is expecting a lavish dinner fully paid for by our host at the next available oshkosh. Might even make a suggestion to get a table reserved at Friar Tucks.

    • You predicted correctly the “ticket”, but it’s going to be the winning ticket so you’ll be the one to pay !

    • Ivan, I predicted the last election too right here on this very site. Our host has kindly agreed to buy me lunch for this foresight. I am now requesting a dinner (with copious amounts of alcohol) in lieu of my lunch and if my new prediction comes true. This is sometimes known as a “double or nothing” bet. As you pointed out I successfully predicted the “ticket” so I am fairly confident I will win the overall bet. If I loose I might suggest to our host we split the cost of dinner. I think this is only fair because I have yet to collect my lunch from last time. Maybe Phil can jump in here and make things official!

    • Sam:

      As an impartial judge with no bone in the fight, I hereby rule that splitting is fair even if you lose the current bet (which you surely will).

    • wow! July 2, 2019…. I think that is pretty impressive. Thanks for pointing that out Phil!

    • Ivan as far as I can tell traveling over country Trump is going to win easily. BLM push actually helped him a lot

    • Bubbha,

      I traveled a bit in the recent months as well (LA, OC, FL, MA). Perhaps, my impression is skewed by the people I talk to and work with(mainly younger than 40, high tech industry, finance). They literally hate the current president, embrace lefty ideology wholesale, actively participate and organize various sorts of protests, even in the new Trump home of the Palm Beach County although rather low key there. Some older folks did grumble about the “voluntary” diversity training and about being gently prodded into donating money for the BLM causes (a company collected a list of donors and matched their contributions). Perhaps, the younger people I talked to are just lying cowards, I do not know. I felt they were genuine believers, neo-commies as it were, rather passionate about their causes.

      I do not know of course much about what people think and intend to do in say Midwest, but given rather substantial number of SJWs I encountered in FL and extrapolating the mood I felt there elsewhere, my prediction is that Trump will lose.

    • Dear Comrade Toucan Sam, if you have checked Harris’ background, you should have noticed that she is a Canadian spy, she graduated from high school in Quebec. We Canadians are very happy that you will have a President with a good Canadian socialist education. This is much better than sending Trudeau and WE Charity to meddle in your elections!

      Once the Canadian meddling is successful, Harris/Biden will be elected by a slim margin in November. At this point the only question is if the armed forces will side with the new elected president or with Trump. I would be cleaning your flintlock musket and sharpening your bayonet, to get ready for the party (aka revolution) after the election, you may need it before the dinner reservations.

    • Comrade Pavel… Kiss Kiss I love you. You must remember that Toucan Sam is always one step ahead of the game. Or in this case 14 months. I must remind you, the menace from the north tried this same scheme last election cycle! How could you forget about your last Manchurian candidate “Calgary Ted”?(aka Rafael Edward Cruz). How did that go for you? Luckily true patriots such as myself thwarted your villainous efforts by simply added the following disclaimer to all of your messages… A note to readers: Pavel is a foreigner who has admitted to meddling in our election. This may be a crime!

    • Comrade Toucan Sam, please no kisses, remember social distancing during the corona-plague or did you get a sample of the new vaccine from Russia?

      “Calgary Ted” was not a Canadian spy. If elected, his mission was to get Alberta to succeed from the dominion of Canada and become a state of the US. Alberta has more in common with Texas than the rest of Canada, but we still had to stop him. Alberta likes oil, natural gas, rodeos and pickup trucks.

  3. Quite a fantasy you’ve conjured up, Phil. Are you campaigning for Trump…that arbiter of truth, justice and the American way?

    • Jim: You’re referring to the “fantasy” of Biden becoming incapacitated in the near future? The guy was born in 1942. Hasn’t he already exceeded his life expectancy? Admittedly, there is selection bias here (someone who died in 2005 cannot be a presidential candidate in 2020). But why would we expect Joe Biden to stay healthy enough physically and mentally to serve as president for more than a few months?

      If nothing else, if coronavirus is as deadly as the Democrats say, it should sweep away Biden and similar-age Democrats in fairly short order, no?

      (I would say the same about Donald Trump! He could easily need to step down before January 2025!)

  4. How do we solve high inflation & teach all the schoolkids without packing them into classrooms like sardines? We don’t know, but we do have a black, asian, female VP.

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