Maskachusetts limits in-person school to the rich white towns

“Mass. Communities’ COVID Risk Would Guide Schools’ Reopening Plans: Report” (NBC):

Massachusetts’ education department is reportedly issuing guidance on the amount of remote learning schools should use based on the coronavirus risk level in their communities.

As school districts scramble to submit reopening plans to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education by Friday, superintendents received a memo from Commissioner Jeffrey Riley Tuesday night that would limit the use of online learning, according to The Boston Globe.

Here’s the map….

From a linked page:

Chelsea, Everett, Lynn and Revere are included in the high risk category, meaning they have over eight cases per 100,000 residents. Twenty-nine other communities, including Auburn, Belchertown, Boston, Brockton, Charlton, Chicopee, Fall River, Framingham, Georgetown, Granby, Holyoke, Hull, Lawrence, Longmeadow, Malden, Marlborough, Maynard, Middleton, Northampton, Peabody, Salem, Saugus, Springfield, Quincy, Randolph, Taunton, Winthrop Worcester, Wrentham, are in the moderate risk category, meaning they have between four and eight cases per 100,000.

In other words, if your town is packed with welfare-dependent People of Color and migrants… no school (“remote learning” in your crowded public housing apartment). The rich white kids in Wellesley and Dover can go back to school, though!


7 thoughts on “Maskachusetts limits in-person school to the rich white towns

  1. The cases cluster in the big urban and semi-urban centers where there are lots of immigrants. Combine this with the age breakdown that’s no longer available in the MA dashboard, throw in the 98.2% comorbidity deaths, add the nursing homes, and we have a great picture of where the danger from COVID-19 is in Massachusetts. Now forget all that, or you’re racist and ageist and all kinds of other -ist.

    One member of the Medford School Committee (borders Everett on the west) voted against their hybrid reopening plan. Evidently she wanted to keep the schools closed also. Why?

    “We requested a specific focus on equity as the Task Force was put together – resulting in ensured diverse representation from many community volunteers.”

    “I feel communication, transparency and honesty is paramount to building stakeholder engagement and community involvement. I also feel strongly that the proposed hybrid / staggered plan does not address equity for every child. Our community needs to feel their opinion matters and that they are invested in public education in Medford. This proposed plan and the process for presenting it did not encourage the solidarity in moving our district forward that is so clearly needed right now.”

    As one of the comments in the link shows, the objecting Board member in question didn’t care much about transparency when it came to renaming the Columbus School:

    “Paul Ruseau, who introduced the resolution along with Melanie McLaughlin and Mea Mustone, hit back against questions of transparency.”

    • > is it wrong to feel schadenfreude that colleges and universities are having their academic racket fall apart?

      It might be nice to feel schadenfreude, but they’ll have the last laugh. Under the next administration, the federal government will bail them out, as part of another multi-trillion dollar relief package. Believe me, the coming left-wing government of this country is not going to allow hundreds or thousands of liberal colleges and universities employing tens of thousands of liberal and left-wing professors go out of business and send their victimhood studies professors back to basketweaving and community organizing. They are essential workers. They are the vanguard of the revolution.

    • We’re going to be operating under Modern Monetary Theory, and higher education is a right. They will not allow the universities to fold, because the government will be purchasing a necessity. Right now, students take out “loans” to cover their tuition, which saddles them with unpayable debt, competing in a labor market where a college education is a necessity but the number of available jobs is shrinking (and it will continue to shrink). MMT solves all of those problems. Presto! And the minor objections mentioned in the Vox article below will be easy to solve, because the left is going to control all three branches of government, permanently.

  2. @Alex I’m afraid your right – we are headed in that direction. It’s like someone else said “The USA is a just a big insurance company that bails everyone out and wages war regularly”. btw, thank you for sharing the MMT article! I have been looking for a good review to explain MMT to me for the longest time! Excellent! Thank you!

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