Post-Harvey Weinstein conviction world is better for women at work?

From exactly 10 years ago, in Business Insider, “15% Of Women Have Slept With Their Bosses — And 37% Of Them Got Promoted For It”:

Research from the Center for Work-Life Policy shows mid-level, professional women need powerful, senior executives to help promote them to the next level of management.

The problem is this: More often than not, superiors are males who are married.

Enter, sex.

In that same CWLP study, 34% of executive women claim they know a female colleague who has had an affair with a boss. Furthermore, 15% of women at the director level or above admitted to having affairs themselves.

And worse, 37% claim the action was rewarded: they said that women involved in affairs received a career boost as a result.

Now that Harvey W. is in prison, presumably the sex-for-jobs exchange is less common and fewer of the plum jobs are allocated to the most brazen. Are women who don’t have sex with bosses obtaining promotions noticeably sooner than ten years ago?


2 thoughts on “Post-Harvey Weinstein conviction world is better for women at work?

  1. This post wouldn’t be complete without a Charlotte Kirk reference.

    I wonder, though: after women like Kirk have fucked the vain, powerful and hapless to death, what happens then? Does everyone go and find religion?

    “She was looking for any opening she could get,” a source who knew Kirk around this time told The Post. “She’d touch the arms of powerful men. She was looking for a way in. If you have beauty and enough sensibility at the same time, you can make things happen [in Hollywood].”

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