Maskachusetts must ban its own residents from Maskachusetts

One of our governor’s 50+ orders is banning likely-to-be-plagued visitors from other states from visiting Massachusetts (#3 among states ranked by Covid-19 death rate) unless these unclean individuals go through a 14-day ritual purification and/or receive the sacrament of false negatives (a PCR test on the asymptomatic).

As of yesterday, however, it seems that Massachusetts itself would be a “hot zone” state and visitors from Massachusetts would therefore have to be quarantined before mingling with the righteous locals… here in Massachusetts (Boston Herald).


7 thoughts on “Maskachusetts must ban its own residents from Maskachusetts

  1. If governors can issue such blunted orders, why aren’t they also issuing such blunted orders to require teachers to teach, require parents to discipline their kids, require fast food to cut down on food size, et. al. (you can come up with your favorite list).

    There is something far more deadlier and invisible than COVD-19, it is called “Under Educated”. Sadly, far more people are infected by it than COVD-19.

  2. > 14-day ritual purification and/or receive the sacrament of false negatives

    You would have been right at home in the middle ages, burning scientists at the stake as witches.

  3. Sweden has clearly shown that:
    1. No quarantine needed to survive through the pandemics.
    2. The US with all its power and money is a 3rd world country from health care and quality of life perspective.

    • Only 99.94% of Swedes have survived (a slightly higher percentage than Americans).

      Why do you say that the differential experience between the two countries reveals a difference in “health care”? In the quality of public health policy decision-makers, certainly! Sweden has a whole group of people who think like

      What what have you seen in “health care” per se? The unfortunate few who do get serious COVID-19 in Sweden go the hospital and end up having a similar experience to what an American COVID-19 patient gets, I think. Presumably not quite as intensive with the machines and the drugs.

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