Governor Cuomo runs out of Grey Poupon at his mansion

After a year of shutdown, the costs of coronapanic finally seem significant to a mansion-dweller:

How to explain this apparent 180-degree turn? He ran out of Grey Poupon at his mansion?


6 thoughts on “Governor Cuomo runs out of Grey Poupon at his mansion

  1. I simply can’t think of anything that’s happened recently, say in the last couple of months, that would cause such a drastic change of mind. Anyone?

  2. I predicted that coronavirus would become suddenly safe right after elections. But it turned out it took some extra time to thoroughly exterminate deplorables which in any other country would be called labor movement. So now, when establishment finally trumped Trump and all possible supporters, it’s time to change course.

    Last four years, with some irony, demonstrated that there is no pro-labor party in US.

  3. I had also predicted Nov 4 as the day that Coronavirus suddenly isn’t such a big deal and lockdowns are no longer required, but it looks like that day will instead be Jan 21.

    At the current rate of vaccination, and if we believe Dr. Fauci, it will be end of summer before we reach anything close to herd immunity. I don’t think Biden will want to wait that long (since I don’t think most American people are willing to wait that long to get back to normal), so we see establishment Dems starting to draw back from shutdown policies. It will be interesting to see if local health bureaucrats will play along and go back to their old role where no one cares who they are or what they say, or if they will resist and continue to power trip.

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