Sunrise over Bar Harbor aerial photos

Departed BHB just before sunrise, south through Somes Sound and then around the east side of Mound Desert Island:

The Jackson Laboratory, a great place to stop for mice:

And then on to the main town for this part of Maine, so to speak… (Bar Harbor itself):

And finally a fly-over of the BHB airport:

From our Boston to Bar Harbor, Maine trip in a Robinson R44 helicopter. Tony Cammarata was in back with a door removed and a Nikon D850. Instrument student Vince Dorow and I were flying.

7 thoughts on “Sunrise over Bar Harbor aerial photos

  1. Being a geneticist (now retired) I had hoped to enlarge the Jackson lab image for a good look (I never had cause to visit it) but it was the only one of those I tried to enlarge which would not oblige. Bother!

  2. I really like this series of photos – not an area I know at all, but gives a virtual travel feeling. What lenses were used with the D850?

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