Would Gina Carano still have a job at Disney if she’d showered with Harvey Weinstein?

Gina Carano was fired by Disney/Lucasfilm for “The love that dare not speak its name” (modern-day version: love for the working class and the politician who promised to cut back on elites stealing from workers).

Here’s a question… suppose that Ms. Carano had followed the traditional path to Hollywood success by agreeing to shower with Harvey Weinstein. And she’d joined Harvey at fundraisers for Democrats and when he was getting “a cultural activism award from Harvard University’s Hutchins Center for African and African American Research” (see “How Harvey Weinstein became one of the most powerful figures in Democratic politics before his career was rocked by a sexual harassment scandal” (Business Insider)). Would she still have her starring role?

(And, of course, as a victim of Harvey’s sex-for-jobs racket, in addition to whatever roles she obtained she would also be able to claim additional cash compensation for having been forced to scrub Harvey’s corpulence in the Four Seasons shower.)

Separately, when will the righteous demand that Gina Carano’s character be replaced with one that can be played by a white male?


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  1. Come on Phil, I expect better of you. (have followed you since the mid 1990s days of photo.net)

    I am opposed to this firing, but to characterize her boneheaded retweet as expressing “love of the working class” and to dismiss Trump as a “politician who promised to cut back on elites stealing from workers” is more than a bit disingenuous, isn’t it? Ignoring Trump for a moment, her retweet said the current political climate was ‘comparable to Nazi Germany’. I try not to follow politics quite as intensely as I used to, but if Chuck and Nancy are working on a “final solution” for Trump supporters, even the narrow gene pool army that invaded the US Capitol, I missed it!

    So she expressed – via a retweet – something risibly stupid and inflammatory but the elephant in the room here is that she was almost certainly already on management’s radar as a Trump supporter and they were just waiting for an excuse. Which, like I said, is a bad thing. Even if Trump is a bad person and was a really bad president.

    • David: I didn’t mean to characterize any specific statement by Carano as love of the working class and the working class’s preferred politician (Donald J. Trump). My understanding is that she was generally a supporter of Trump and opposed to Presidents Biden and Harris (regarding the Harris/Biden situation, a New Yorker said to us recently “That dude better have a food taster.”).

      Is it unreasonable to compare life today with Germany in the 1920s or 1930s? Let’s look at employment by universities. https://www.facinghistory.org/holocaust-and-human-behavior/chapter-5/controlling-universities says “Germany’s 1933 civil service law applied to university professors as well as elementary and secondary-school teachers. It was not difficult for the Nazis to win the support of many university professors, administrators, and students. At the time, a majority of them backed conservative political parties that were hostile to the Weimar Republic. Many university professors immediately welcomed the Nazi-led government in 1933. Many student fraternities and other student groups already banned Jews and regularly protested against professors they believed did not support supposed traditional German values. Scholars who were Jewish or supported left-leaning parties struggled to find research and teaching positions in public, government-supported German universities…”

      How successful could one be in American academia today if one were to disagree with the prevailing political doctrine in American academia? See https://www.nas.org/academic-questions/31/2/homogenous_the_political_affiliations_of_elite_liberal_arts_college_faculty : “faculty political affiliations at 39 percent of the colleges in my sample are Republican free—having zero Republicans”

      Let’s look at what the National Socialists actually promised their voters… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Socialist_Program

      One hundred years later quite a few of these items are popular with politicians in various countries around the world, including ours. Who wants to disagree with “We demand an expansion on a large scale of old age welfare”? Is Elizabeth Warren’s plan to tax the rich and forgive student loans new? The National Socialists: “Abolition of unearned (work and labour) incomes. Breaking of debt (interest)-slavery.”

      In any case, if comparing present-day folks to “Nazis” is grounds for cancelation, half of Hollywood would be canceled (see above link regarding Pedro Pascal, for example).

    • I need to second what Dr. Greenspun was saying, the comparison was to 1930s Nazi Germany, not 1940s!

      Did you misunderstand that David, or did you just intentionally distort facts to make her look ridiculous?

      “In any case, if comparing present-day folks to “Nazis” is grounds for cancelation, half of Hollywood would be canceled (see above link regarding Pedro Pascal, for example).”

      That is the real key, she did not compare republicans to Nazis, rather she compared BLM to Nazis. Specifically brownshirts is the apt comparison.

    • Political situation is indeed similar to that of late Wiemar Republic and early Nazi rule in Germany. Apparently photo shared by Carano is from beginning of sunset of Nazi Germany, 1941 attack on Jewish woman in Western Ukrainian (formerly Polish) city of Lviv just occupied by Wehrmacht. Final solution was not yet formulated but Jews were already disenfranchised, deported and mass killing of Jews by SS, Wehrmacht and some of their local supporters have begun. So Carano’s historic reference was a little off.

    • re: philg’s tangent: “(regarding the Harris/Biden situation, a New Yorker said to us recently “That dude better have a food taster.”)”

      A minor point: Biden is likely safe for the first 2 years. After that Harris would be able to takeover as president and still run 2 times for re-election to serve 10 years total. Its likely he is merely a figurehead now anyway for whoever decides whats written on his teleprompter or fed into an earpiece, and on his desk to sign…

  2. It is interesting that an enterprise that seeks to maximize revenue for mindless entertainment is so passionate about supporting one political party in a country that is close to evenly divided (but maybe we can fix that near-even division by streamlining immigration and citizenship for those with the lowest skill levels). Does this prove that Democrats won’t spend money with companies that haven’t acknowledged their dogma as true? Whereas Republicans are able to tolerate disagreement and transact in the market with people who disagree with them?

    Mass-market retailer Target goes all-in during Pride Month, for example (see photos in the second half of https://philip.greenspun.com/blog/2020/06/30/reddit-stuffs-the-gender-critical-feminists-into-the-memory-hole/ ). In theory this should send the Republicans to some other store, since we are informed that Republicans lack sufficient zeal for LGBTQIA+. But apparently it doesn’t since otherwise Target would stay silent on the topic and not celebrate LGBTQIA+-ism at the front of the store in June (why not all year?).

  3. She made a grave error in her comparison: being the republican in entertainment is same as being communist during McCartney era, which she immediately demonstrated by being fired and blacklisted.

  4. What I find amazing, but not surprising these days, is that Disney was planning a spin-off show with her as lead character. It was expected to be popular, but Disney prefers to lose uncounted millions in profit rather than face a brief Twitter mobbing (they give up and go after weaker prey if you don’t cave.)

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