The emergency continues on two fronts: insurrection and coronaplague

The 2,200 members of the Capitol Police and 3,800 officers of the D.C. Police and the FBI and the Secret Service are not sufficient to protect our nation from an ongoing insurrectionmergency. “Capitol Police Call For Extension Of National Guard Help” (NPR):

U.S. Capitol Police requested a 60-day extension for a portion of the National Guard troops currently in Washington, D.C., Thursday as the threat of a possible attack from militia groups looms over the city.

How are we doing in Year 2 of “14 Days to Flatten the Curve”? “It’s Too Soon to Lift COVID Restrictions: Fauci” (U.S. News):

Coronavirus restrictions should not be lifted until the daily toll of new U.S. cases falls below 10,000, “and maybe even considerably less than that,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said Thursday.

The last time the United States saw that low a number was almost a year ago. The daily case count hasn’t fallen below 50,000 since mid-October, and the seven-day average on Wednesday was more than 64,000, CNN reported.

Who wants to make a prediction as to when positive PCR tests (“cases”) will fall below 10,000 per day? (let’s say that it needs to be a 7-day moving average of 10,000/day so that we exclude reporting glitches)

Given that Americans love to run PCR tests, even on those who have zero symptoms, my guess is “never”. Example: friends in NYC are trying to sort out a cancer question regarding the mom. A coronaplague test was required before she could get a follow-up cancer test. She tested positive and therefore her cancer appointments were canceled. One of her two children tested positive. (The husband is vaccinated so he refused to participate in the festival of testing.) She never had any Covid-19 symptoms, but the family remembered that both kids had slight sore throats a week or two before the test. As long as we have a lot of checkpoints at state borders (the Maskachusetts travel order, for example), national borders, schools (can’t return without a Covid test), hospitals (can’t get treatment without a Covid test), etc., if we’re still running PCR at the same number of cycles we should still have at least 10,000 positives per day forever.

(Separately, consider this NYC family. They’ve endured a year of lockdown in an apartment. Their kids haven’t seen the inside of a school since March 2020. They’ve avoided gatherings with friends and family. Now the mom and the kids have exactly the same medical status that they would have had if there had never been any kind of shutdown or masquerade. Aside from wars, in all of U.S. history, has there ever been a sacrifice more meaningless and useless?)

From December, approaching the Hudson River Corridor from Teterboro (a VFR interlude in an instrument practice flight in a Cirrus):


8 thoughts on “The emergency continues on two fronts: insurrection and coronaplague

  1. I can not recognize America. But it seems to be logical development for people who silently agreed to drop their day to day rights as non essential. Too many educated people chose to live in one party ruled cities and substitute fulfilling lives for monkey business office life / crappy expensive restaurant food daily gridlock.

    • COVID thingie made it quite clear that “educated” these days means just “domesticated and obedient”. Really educated people are capable of looking at prinary scientific evidence for themselves and see that the whole “pandemic” is horribly overblown, and that the government mandates and lockdowns are compleyely illegal and immoral. And, yes, the less “educated” people are the more common sense they have. (Those of us whp grew up under totalitarian regimes – which US now became – have a healthy habit of disbelieving anything government says. Americans are well advised to acquire this habit, pronto.)

    • It’s not meanigless or useless to vaccine peddlers and mini-Maos at all levels of government who now have a vetitable torrent of freshly printed money to siphon off.

  2. Well, if the threshold is 10,000 PCR-verified positives to some variant of SARS-CoV2 (or even 20,000, or 30,000) then the answer really is: “Never.”

    It’s going to become an endemic virus. With us forever. It’s a CORONAVIRUS. Not like measles, not really even like influenza (as some of your more agitated commentators have pointed out, ad. infinitum.)

  3. Please tell what is the relationship between the in-flight image in this posting and the scene that would have been presented to the pilot (I forget his name!) who landed an airliner in the Hudson R. a while ago. Just curious!

    • You are reffing to Chesley Burnett Sullenberger III most commonly known just as “Sully” or even “America’s Pilot”. He may have been now eclipsed by Captain Christopher Behnam who saved more people than Sully and didn’t even get them wet. Also the plane was reusable.

    • It’s a 180. Sully was flying out of LaGuardia, which is east of the Hudson River, while Teterboro is west of the Hudson River. This picture is facing northeast. After the bird strike Sully turned southwest and was north of the George Washington Bridge,

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